Anal escorts Sydney
Anal escorts Sydney
Anal escorts Sydney


Alice is your quintessential Aussie “girl next door beauty” who is young vibrant and has the most wonderful bright blue fuck me bedroom eyes, luscious long blonde hair and an athletic tall, leggy womanly physique.

Beyond Alice’s sexy fuck me bedroom eyes lies a deep erotic secret. Alice is not only confident and incredibly sexual with her men she meets she also loves women.

Alice’s repertoires read like an erotic novel…

Alice gently fondles the entrance to your pussy with index finger and thumb driving you wild with anticipation surrendering your whole womanhood to her as she feasts on you exploding on her tongue. Shaking and shivering until you are weak at your knees Alice embraces your cheeks as she lovingly with no words suggests to you – it’s your turn.

Before you know Alice will be lowering herself over your beautiful face engaging in full eye contact and full smile with eagerness of how the night is about to unfold.

You will soon be saying, I love her wonderful eyes. Her mouth makes me weak at the knees as she now explores my womanhood, enters my womanhood with her wettest of wet mouths and tongues. I want this moment to last forever as we stop for a moment in time – her finger against my juicy cunt, tongue up inside me as I can feel my early threshold of orgasm is racing in my direction.

Beautiful New Beginnings…with Alice.

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