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Cindy Bardot

Height: 5'6''

| Bust: B

| Size:6

| Age:19

I know what you’re thinking. I can picture you, loosening your tie after a full, complicated day…too much to do and too many decisions, but believe me when I say that the decision to reach for the phone and ask me to come over is the easiest you will ever make. I am a flawless blonde beauty with eyes like the ocean, a ready smile, and long, lithe legs. Once you have me close enough to smell my perfume and the heat of my skin, there will be no room for anything else.
Undress me slowly, we don’t need to rush. Kiss my smooth, elegant neck, brush the erect nipples on my perky, perfect breasts, graze your fingers over my flat, toned stomach. I ache to be touched, I crave this.
Tell me, how do you like it? I am insatiable, and full of desire. I always live in the moment, and right now there’s no moment more important than this. The two of us, this room, the taste of each other, the warm glow of pleasure.
I won’t stop what I’m doing to you until I’m satisfied you are utterly spent and satiated. When I leave, I’ll leave you dreaming of me…until next time.

Cindy x

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