Hi there gents..

Perhaps you’ve had a demanding day and you never expected that tonight would be as blissful and exciting as it will be with me? I know a thousand ways to help you forget there is world beyond what you and I will do together tonight.

​I ​ have long legs to wrap around you and a backside as firm and delicious as a peach. My beautiful natural breasts are sensitive and will thrill me with your slightest touch. I have cascading blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes that can see into your desire so I can stay with you through every heartbeat of our erotic play.

I am an imaginative and talented lover who relishes your pleasure as my own. While I am skilled and artful with sensual technique and will love guiding you to your breathless climax; I am young and in your hands I will awaken more and more to my own pleasure.

xx Kristy xx


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