Nina is an engaging, intelligent and highly artistic high-class escort. With a unique view on life, sensuality and intimacy. She will challenge you intellectually and inspire you to be a better version of yourself, all while she provides the perfect retreat from the stress and ordinariness of life.

Nina is the person who makes your life richer, more rewarding, more enjoyable. During your time together, your leisure and pleasure are her only considerations. While she is sweet, soft, warm and inviting on a personal level, she is also an incredible seductress in the bedroom.

Her creative mind not only benefits time you spend in the bedroom, she makes it all so very interesting and inspiring.

A true-life artist who loves everything that tickles the senses. Nina is worldly, educated, very discreet, intellectually curious, full of life and open to all things sensual. She constantly seeks out new experiences and learning opportunities to grow and flourish. Above all Nina sincerely loves people in all their diversity. Nina has a rich background coming from a Tahitian heritage. Her warmth and open mindedness make it easy for you to relax so you can surrender to pleasure.

Nina describes herself as a cool confident sexy lady with a profound sense of humour, who knows what she wants. I love to challenge and tease, but at the same time can be very sweet and romantic. And this naughty, adventurous and open-minded woman who is curious you will soon discover is also curious about you.

I believe that real intimacy comes with a real connection. I also believe that you can find it by talking, listening, looking and feeling spiritual and physical? Kinky or sensual? I’ll find our connection and we’ll make it a stimulating and intimate night.

Dancing at candlelight or taking a bath together and sharing each other’s naughty fantasies are all part of the sensational experiences you can expect with Nina. You’ll never know how an evening with me will evolve is her words.

​Nina xx​


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