Red Door’s Sydney Escorts as seen in Penthouse

Red Door’s Sydney Escorts as seen in Penthouse

Our sexy escorts are so stunning at Red Door Agency that they are even gracing the pages of the iconic Penthouse magazine. So if you want to let your mates know you’ve have bedded a beauty who has been in Penthouse then you have come to the right place. These are bragging rights worth doing … Read more

Sexy Beaches

Hump Day: Sexy Beaches Red Door Agency

Sydney’s Top 5 Sexiest, Secluded Beaches Sun on your face and salt in your hair – let’s face it, summer has to be one of the sexiest times of year. Where better to indulge your senses that at one of Sydney’s sexy secluded beaches? Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered…and in some cases, not … Read more

Escort First Time

Open Door: Escort First Time Red Door Agency

First time with an Escort? These tips will help you relax and enjoy it Hiring an escort for the first time should be exciting – regardless of why you are wishing to hire them. That said, if you have never hired an escort before, the likelihood is that you will feel nervous and might forget … Read more

Top 5 Bedroom Myths Broken Down

Make Out Monday Top 5 Bedroom Myths Broken Down Red Door Agency

One of the most common misconceptions about men is that they don’t care about what a woman wants in bed. As a high-class escort agency that specialises in providing what men want, one of the most common goals of clients is to actually make sure their companion has a good time too. This #MakeOutMonday reveals the #Top5 … Read more

A List Of The Sexiest Date Ideas

A List Of The Sexiest Date Ideas

With summer in full swing, there isn’t a better time to enjoy dates in the sun. Also, the best time of the year to show some skin…and get a little sweaty. If you want to spice up your next booking with a stunning companion, we’ve come up with some hot and spicy date ideas that … Read more

6 Secrets To The Perfect Quickie

Make Out Monday: 6 Secrets To The Perfect Quickie

It’s #MakeOutMonday – so this week, we’re going to teach you… How to have a meaningful quickie With Christmas around the corner and life going at crazy speeds, sometimes the smartest s*x we can have is the fast and the furious ‘quickie’. Hot, fast and sweaty s*x that leaves you smiling for the rest of … Read more

The 10 Sexiest Sydney Bars

The 10 Sexiest Sydney Bars

You’ve surely heard it’s all about location, location, location? The perfect bar sets the perfect scene for the ultimate night ahead. It sets the mood; shows you know your way around town and gives the best first impression of a gentleman with style and good taste. Finding the best spot takes time, research and effort … Read more

The ‘Girlfriend Experience’

Open Door The ‘Girlfriend Experience’

What is the ‘Girlfriend Experience’? Good news! All Red Door Agency’s companions offer the ‘Girlfriend Experience’ (GFE) as part of our standard service. This service is always intimate, sensual and passionate. They love to French kiss, cuddle, massage and enjoy long lasting foreplay before making love like you only could with a ‘girlfriend’. Imagine the … Read more