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Escorts in Inner West Sydney

Break in to the inner-circle and be among the coolest cats in town with Escorts Inner West Sydney. Are you a man that’s always ahead of the curb? Then Sydney’s Inner West is the perfect hub to discover the latest bar, the most exclusive drinks and the hippest restaurants that only the trendiest gentlemen know about. Inner West escorts take your hand and lead you down a laneway to the hottest underground scenes – a scene that involves you, a beautiful inner west escort and an area that never disappoints.

Newtown Escorts

Get amongst the trendy scene in Newtown, where creatives thrive thanks to the arty and eclectic buzz. For the man that loves a good gig, be accompanied by an Inner West Escort to the Enmore Theatre, that has hosted countless acts from the Rolling Stones to Oasis. The Enmore is an iconic venue – filled with stories and history you and your stunning companion could chat about all night long. After a show, you could head to an intimate dinner at Oscillate Wildly, which offers fine French dining with white tablecloths – yet a much more chilled vibe than the usual fine dining you’re used to. That’s how the ‘in-the-know’ gentleman rolls – the best food nestled within a neighbourhood setting, where you could be anywhere in the world on this culinary trip. Once dinner is done, why not indulge your sweet tooth? Renowned for their caramel-dripping tiered cakes, Saga is one of those locals-only spots that you and that special someone could over-indulge on more than just sugar.

Why not step out of your comfort zone and try something a little different? The Holey Moley Golf Club in Newtown is a whole lot of fun, where you could show your gorgeous date an experience that will have her beaming with joy. Of course, the 18-hole mini-golf course is complete with a bar, which is the perfect way to celebrate the winner. Does it matter if you win the game? Not really – you’ve won the prize on your arm, as everyone in the venue turns to see how lucky you are.

One of the coolest haunts in Newtown by far, is the ultra-trendy Continental Deli Bar & Bistro, where you and your high class inner west escort can indulge in some of the most interesting, rare and delicious cheeses and charcuterie, as well as a range of tinned delicacies. They’re famous for their ‘Mar-tinny’ and ‘Can-hatten’ – cocktails made and canned onsite. For a date that will be like nothing you’ve done before and to truly impress even the coolest girl, this experience is a one-of-a-kind. It might be hard to going back to drinking cocktails any other way. If you don’t feel like canning the night just yet, you and your stunning companion could head to the Urban Newtown Hotel, a stylish boutique studio for those that don’t like hitting the hay early.

You might fancy taking you for a spot of culture – the Defiance Gallery in Newtown is known as the leading sculpture gallery in the city (and country for that matter) showcasing work from internationally-acclaimed artists. A must-see amongst the art-crowd, you might wonder what is more impressive, the art or the gorgeous woman experiencing it with you. Follow the cool crowd down to the unpretentious yet oh-so-trendy Midnight Special, where you can tuck into speciality cocktails or their signature 12-hour chipotle pork shoulder, nestled in a booth with your companion

You might be the kind of man that likes doing things a bit differently – a date isn’t the expected dinner and a drink, it’s an adventure that both you and your escort won’t forget in a hurry. You’ll need your thinking cap on for The Cipher Room – an expertly designed escape room where you and your partner can get lost together in a 1940s spy thriller and try to crack the case together. It might be the type of experience you’ve always wanted to do, but just needed that special someone that’s willing to immerse themselves into the experience with you and get creative in the dark. Take your high class escort by the hand, lead her through the puzzle and come out the other end a hero amongst men – she’ll be thinking of ways to thank you for your efforts.

Marrickville Escorts

For the man with a refined taste for gin, you could venture across to the very trendy, industrial area of Marrickville to the discrete boutique gin bar, Poor Tom’s. Impress your companion with your VIP knowledge of gin and taste all the specialties the inner west has to offer. Get to know your Inner West Escort over cocktails that are infused with whatever fruits and herbs that are in season – a cool, understated bar for that cool, understated guy. Or you might feel like getting a little dirty – while you’re in Marrickville, why not make something with your escort and head to Clay Sydney. Enjoy some wine and cheese while making a ceramic masterpiece together, helping one another out by spinning pottery on a wheel together, sensually building tension that only the two of you know about. You might prefer making something you can eat? Then not far away is the Cornersmith Cooking School, that hosts workshops in cheese making, where you walk away with more than a new skill.

Feeling active? You might like some company doing The Bay Run in Drummoyne – a scenic walk or run around the shores of the Iron Cove Bay, or even grab bikes for a romantic ride for two. Kicking off the cobwebs feels great at this secluded loop, where you can stop at any time, set up a picnic and catch your breath. It won’t be for long however, as your escort from the inner west is likely to take it away again at any moment. The track is also dog-friendly, so for those animal lovers that love to connect over a bond with a pet only owners understand, introduce your furry friend to your new one. There’s no doubt they’ll get along like a house on fire.

Venturing to the edge of the inner west will be completely worth your while if you were looking to impress your escort with some of the best Italian food Sydney has to offer. Haberfield has some of the most mouth-watering bowls of pasta, with venues like La Disfida setting the perfect scene. Match your meal with their extensive wine list and get lost in conversation over candlelight your Inner West Escort is able to effortlessly carry a chat to whatever you want to unload, or just sit and enjoy the delectable meal in front of you both. Dessert can only be at Papa’s Pasticceria, where you indulge in some of the of the most perfect cakes, with the most perfect woman. Life doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

If romantic Italian dinners are right up your alley, head across to Leichardt and take a wander down Norton Street. ‘Little Italy’ doesn’t disappoint and you’ll wonder if you’ve arrived in Rome. Locals rave about Moretti Ristorante Pizzeria, with some saying it’s the best pizza out of Italy. Maybe you’d like to impress your dinner date speaking a bit of Italian? Ask your waiter for ‘un gelato da condividere, per favore’ and share one of the delicious house gelatos with your beautiful Escorts Inner West Sydney.

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