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FAQs on Booking Sydney Escorts

FAQ on Booking Female Sydney Escorts – This information is designed to assist you with the appropriate understanding and etiquette expected when you make a booking with a Red Door Agency Escort. If you are familiar with booking our escorts you will already be familiar with our expectations and standards. However, If, this is your first time booking and escort or you are contemplating a booking read on. Remember, the more informed, polite and respectful you are the more you can expect from your escort and a can expect a truly memorable experience.
If you have had disappointments or uncertainties in the past we ask you to read all these FAQ’S before contacting us with complaints regarding other experiences you may have had with other escorts in the past. Although we are compassionate to you as it is a very diverse industry. Please look at our Agency as a breath of fresh air. We offer complete honesty and work hard to earn your trust and respect.

Let’s start from the beginning …. Booking an escort service services is no different than booking any other professional service, such as a therapist to heal your mind or acupuncturist to heal your body. You pay them money to provide you with a service. It doesn’t matter what the service is? if your nice to the professional you will generally get a better result than if you aren’t. Treat Escorts the same way as you treat other professionals. And in return they will treat you as a valued customer and may even become friends on a business level whilst you build up a regular service relationship.  They look forward to seeing you again just like other professionals look forward to seeing their regular clients.
Escort woman do make money out of their business as do other women in their chosen profession. Yes, they do it for the money, but they also enjoy what they are doing.

Can I be assured of high quality?

Yes. Red Door Agency is selective and highly experienced in the recruitment process of high end escort models. Whilst everyone has their own idea of the perfect woman we pride ourselves in the ability to discern the looks and personality traits that will be highly sought after and desirable. Only about 1 in 50 applications with us will be suitable to join our Agency. This enables us to be extremely confident when recommending high end escorts to you. We truly know the meaning of high end Ladies and, also, high end service. Our clients, and ladies, satisfaction along with our international reputation is extremely important to us. In the unlikely event that we may not be able to meet exactly your taste at the time of your request we would rather inform you we have no suitable recommendations than to present you with a lady that was not in keeping with your expectation. We pride ourselves in Listening to our clients and servicing with authenticity.

Are the advertising editorials and pictures genuine?

Again, without question yes. We personally interview and select our ladies. We know our ladies likes and dislikes, personality traits and can reflect this in a genuine editorial. We spend many hours getting to know our ladies and have a genuine rapport with every Red Door Escort. The pictures are 100% genuine and individually reflect their true nature and beauty. Pictures are offered in various formats to reflect ladies professionally. This does not remove the genuine aspect of the photo. We are acutely aware of many fraudulent and misleading agencies whereby ladies are mispresented. We are appalled at this practice and can 100% guarantee that the lady you select is indeed the lady who will be arriving at your door or event.

Are your ladies full time escorts?

No, all our beautiful ladies enjoy their discreet liaisons with you as a fun, and exciting side adventure to their regular lives. Our ladies are selected on the basis they have interesting pursuits in life. They are either working on accomplished careers or they are pursuing advanced academic studies. Rest assured all the Red Door Escorts you will be introduced to will be fresh faced alluring real women. We ensure they are aware of all our gentleman’s expectations for etiquette and intelligence, but her persona is all her own.

Why do the Escorts hide their faces?

Almost all our gentleman and ladies with whom we deal require anonymity and confidentiality in their dealings with us for all sorts of reasons, high profile professional personal lives, celebrity careers to families. Privacy on both sides is paramount. Very few of our clientele would like to be dining with a lady whose face has been exploited all over the internet. Please respect the Escorts right to anonymity as much as your own. As the Gentleman do, the ladies have families, successful careers and futures to consider. These aren’t general escorts, but genuinely upmarket young ladies of class. Discretion and privacy are number one priorities for everyone with whom we have contact. Rather than posting Fake photos like we are aware is the practice of many other agencies we guarantee to have all Red Door Escort ladies, real photos offered with a degree of discretion. This way everyone feels safe and protected, while maintaining an authentic and honest business relationship. Red Door Agency has worked tirelessly over the years to earn respect as an internationally trusted and exclusive company with faultless reputation. Should you be a VIP client who has an established relationship with us, please contact us to arrange an exclusive viewing of selected ladies who may from time to time offer a type of member’s gallery of exclusive pictures inclusive of selfies and Instagram links.

How soon should I make a booking arrangement?

Ideally the earlier you make your appointment the better. Please take into consideration travel times when requesting an outcall booking. The ladies will be able to prepare to transport to you promptly. Please be mindful the ladies will always do their best to get to you in the fastest time if ASAP requested. If you know the day, time and location along with your requested escort it is always favourable to book in advance to ensure you are not disappointed. You may be asked to secure the booking with a 10% deposit or travel payment.

How do you guarantee my privacy?

Discretion is our number one priority for your next to safety. All correspondence is tightly protected, encrypted and kept 100% confidential. We don’t keep records and when your booking is over your records are destroyed. Your details are never shared with a third party outside of the agency. All our escorts and staff sign a non- disclosure agreement, with the knowledge that she will be pursued with legal action should she ever share information about the agency or the clients. Discretion is assured by all members of Red Door Agency and the same is respectfully requested from you.

Where can I find the fees for the Escorts?

You can view some information about our fees here, however to enquire after our independent escort fees please contact us directly for a personal quote. Keep in mind that additional small fees apply for transport, and with credit card payment. We will discuss and confirm the total fee for you before each discreet escort introduction. We are very transparent about charges, and always do our best to keep travel charges to a minimum. While we do make no apologies for catering to affluent individuals, for whom quality is a priority over price, we’re not greedy or trying to over- charge anyone either, Honesty and integrity are important to us.

What guarantee do I have that my Escort will arrive after I have made payment via card?

Your guarantee with Red Door Agency is the same as any other well established and respected company with which you do business. Our billing company is made available to you at the time of payment. We offer 100% guarantee of authenticity which we take seriously. Again, honesty and integrity is of paramount importance to us. We have been catering to clientele both here in Australia and Internationally for many years and have a flawless reputation for integrity and professionalism. We do not provide or promise to provide anything illegal, so you have the same recourse as you would with any other company should you have a dispute. In an unfortunate event that for some unusual circumstance occurs and your Escort is unable to arrive we will offer several alternatives. Generally, another escort will be offered of your choice or a 100% refund.

In what circumstances do I need to prepay?

If you are looking for an outcall service where you are located outside Sydney CBD you may be requested to prepay via Credit Card for the Escorts travel. This is required in advance to secure the booking and ensure the escort will be guaranteed you will be at the location upon her arrival. As we guarantee honesty and integrity we request the same from our clientele. In some circumstances where you are pre-paying for a booking in advance we do accept Bank Transfer. Providing the booking is scheduled for a time after the funds have cleared. Some Gentleman prefer using prepaid method, so they can simply meet their escort and not be distracted with concerns regarding payment or cash. All our payments are 100% safe and honoured in any case, but we like to give you options, for you to feel comfortable and not inconvenienced.

What is the billing name on my credit card, transfer statement or invoice?

Billing is discreet and non-industry related. We will inform you personally of the actual billing company when you are making the booking. For the discretion of our clients, we do not reveal the billing company to the public. Rest assured you will never see Red Door Agency or Escort Service or any mention of anything remotely related to adult services on your statement. We offer 100% security and discretion.

Do the Escorts accept cash payment at the time of the booking.

Yes, Escorts do accept cash bookings. Payment is required upon arrival and please do not consider your escort rude if she takes a moment to count the cash. This will be done promptly so you may move quickly into enjoying time together.

If I need to cancel my appointment, how do I proceed?

Initially as with any appointment in life, please give as much notice as possible, as soon as you know you won’t be able to make your appointment. We do appreciate as much notice as possible as our escorts do clear their schedule to spend time with you, and spend time and money preparing themselves for you. It’s a real inconvenience to her to have her appointment cancelled without a respectful amount of notice. Please treat your escort as you would a regular girlfriend. Few would appreciate last minute cancellations without you making it up to her. If you are cancelling and your escort has already arrived with you, it would be appreciated for you to do the gentlemanly thing and offer her a cancellation fee, at least cover the transport cost and preparation time. The polite fee is $100.

The Appointment:

Where do the appointments take place?

Our Escorts will meet you at your hotel room or residence. Perhaps a bar for pre-drinks or a lovely restaurant for dinner. Do you have a yacht? Our escorts are accustomed to meet with our elite clientele in stylish, high end environments.

Can I talk to the escort before the booking?

No, our escorts work with the support and representation of an agency to avoid unnecessary communication or time spent with anyone outside of their chosen gentleman. When you book time with your escort she’s available exclusively for you and is not required to be taking texts or calls preparing for her next arrangement. All arrangements are made by the agency, and when your escort is with you during your appointment she is all yours. Any messages or questions you need to clarify with her, we can pass on to her or discuss with her before she arrives. However, with all due respect, we are not a chat or date line.

What are my responsibilities during the appointment with the escort?

Arrive at your appointment fresh and up for some fun. Always treat your escort with the utmost respect and you will receive the same in return. Our escorts love to be pampered and love to pamper even more. Be a gentleman and you will feel like a king. Treat her as you would any friend you invite to spend time with you, with respect and consideration. Always be a gentleman and behave with manners and class. Your escort goes to great lengths to prepare herself to meet with you. So, she expects you to be polite, Charming and showered. Please pay attention to your hygiene and presentation, as you would for any date. Looking nice and smelling nice goes a long way. She is far more likely to feel comfortable with you if your appealing to her. While this needn’t be mentioned for respectful gentleman, please avoid asking personal and invasive questions about your escorts private life. It’s disrespectful and bad form. She will feel uncomfortable and less likely to want to connect with you. She will reveal herself over time, when she’s comfortable with you, like any woman. Avoid embarrassing her by asking her to meet with you privately or asking for her phone number. If this is what you are seeking its best to seek a woman from a dating sight or other forum. If you do this against our explicit request Red Door Agency assumes the right to refuse future requests to meet with our escorts.

After the Appointment:

How can I let my Escort know I enjoyed our time together?

We always welcome your feedback. We are open to suggestions and your honest comments. We always happily pass on feedback to our Escorts. The only way for us to maintain our elite standards and to appropriately support the escorts in their improvement and development is with your assistance. This also helps us to more fully understand your needs, so that your next appointment can be even better. Your feedback is welcome directly by email, text or phone call.

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FAQ on Booking Female Sydney Escorts – Helpful facts when booking an escort:

Why should I bother booking a high class Red Door Agency escort and pay premium rates?

Well, the answer is really all about how you see yourself? Are you the kind of man who demands “ONLY THE BEST”? Well, you will certainly be able to identify the difference between a fast food and fine dining. This is the reason for your payment of higher rates. It will be abundantly clear when you first set eyes on your escort. All the ladies have spent money, time and effort in preparing for you. And above all are selected for their presentation, style, ability to communicate on vast array of topics and professionalism.

Contacting the Agency

Please don’t call text or email us unless you are genuinely interested. We generally do not accept blocked callers so if you are serious you need to have your number displayed. Unless you are calling from a hotel room. In this situation let reception know your hotel name and room number and we can call you right back.

If we are unable to get through to us first time around rest assured we will return your call as soon as possible and by all means text our number with your enquiry.

Prepare yourself before the booking
  1. Personal Hygiene

By having a shower and paying attention to your private parts you can expect that your escort will be eager for some good old fashion joy down there.

Clean your teeth and use mouthwash. It’s hardly a good start to your booking when trying to be deeply passionate and sharing last night’s dinner with your escort.

Keep your fingernails clipped and clean. Or don’t expect the escort to allow you to touch her with dirty claws and sharp nails.

Have a shave if you don’t have a beard style. Not too many ladies are thrilled when they get sandpapered on their face or private bits.

Put on clean underwear. You may laugh how simple this sounds but incredible how many guys just forget this. Trust us here, no girl wants to smell undies from last week’s laundry pile.

  1. Have payment ready

If you are settling your account with cash, ensure you have the correct amount ready.

If card payment has been arranged with the office, make sure you have the exact card you used physically on you along with one form of ID. We accept driver’s license, NSW photocard ID, or passport. This is used for verification. Make sure that the card you chose to use is in your name.

*Surcharges do apply with all card bookings. The receptionist will inform you of the exact amount at the time of processing.

  1. Alcohol consumption

Of course, it is fun and most of us enjoy a few drinks to kick start a great night. However, be mindful if you are with an escort if your breath stinks of beer and you are sloppy it’s not going to be your greatest achievement. Try to keep drinks to a minimum so you can have an enjoyable experience and one that you will remember.

Tips which will ensure you to get the best ever experience whilst with your escort.

Conversation tips

Always be respectful and courteous. A good start is by offering your escort a drink and a little chit chat to break the ice. Treat her like a lady.  You will be surprised how accommodating she will be when you make her feel welcome.
Don’t bombard her with personal questions and expect her to reveal her inner most secrets to you.


Never say things like “what does your boyfriend or husband think about you doing this work? Think about it gentleman. Is this the type of question you would like to be asked? This is an enjoyable adult entertainment session for you both. Keep it like that…simple and fun. No unimportant, heavy questioning during your session together.

Most escorts do not like the payment question as they like to get on with enjoying their time with you as much as you with them. Therefore, be mindful when you are asked to settle your account have money ready and give it to her politely.

The hard facts every gentleman needs to know about booking an escort.

Don’t start groping your lady the moment she walks through the door. You may be paying her for her services and yes, it is on a time clock however she is a person and nice polite introduction first will be much appreciated before a lunge at her or grope and pull to get her clothes off. Think about how you may feel if your boss bombards you with stuff the moment you walk in the office? Not cool, hey?


NO MEANS NO! If you want a service that she doesn’t provide don’t persist. If she is telling you something doesn’t feel good, then stop. You will only ruin the mood if you continue.

Ask her how she likes to be touched? You may be surprised what a difference this makes. Every woman is different and only she knows how she likes to be touched. The best lovers talk to their partners and listen they don’t just assume they know it all.

Never ask for unsafe sex. All our escorts offer full GFE however this does not mean unsafe no condom sex. High class escorts prepare their mind and body to have a safe and erotic time with many gentleman and this could not happen if they were offering random acts of unprotected sex. If you persist after your escort issues you a warning this will result in immediate termination of the booking with no refund.