The Best Songs For Doin’ It

Sex Tips: The Best Songs For Doin’ It

Want to be the absolute best in the bedroom? Well you’re in luck, as studies say music is the key. Listening to music while having sex has actual psychological benefits, including giving … Read more

Sex Tips Thursday : The Secrets To A Successful Threesome

Sex Tips: The Secrets To A Successful Threesome

“You unzip my dress and let it fall over my tight curves. Tie my hands behind my back and lay me down while I wait in anticipation for what is to come next. Then, another voice, a friend? That’s when it gets really exciting as you both starts lowly, making me wait, taking turns teasing…

Sex Tips: What Men Really Want in Bed - From Red Door Agency High Class Sydney Escorts

Sex Tips: 6 Things Men Really Want In Bed

What Do Men Really Want in Bed? Who better let you know what they have found through rigourous and lustful testing than high class escorts. So without further ado, here are six tips from the experts in pleasuring men. Let’s slip between the virtual sheets and get you up close on personal with the sexual…