Digital Flirting Secrets That Will Make Her Want You The Second Lockdown Is Over

Digital Flirting Secrets That Will Make Her Want You The Second Lockdown Is Over

You’re horny. We all are. We get it.

You may be lucky enough to be quarantined with your significant other, and you may be fucking like wild rabbits. Good for you. Many of us are not so fortunate. We are alone. We’re jacking off, rubbing one out, playing with toys, going crazy because, frankly, we need a good fucking.

Are you on a dating app and flirting like a crazed sex maniac in the middle of the night? Sexting a lot either on a mobile or social media. Reaching out to old lovers to talk dirty. Masturbating along the way. Good for you! If you are feeling awkward telling someone, possibly a stranger you met online, you really want to see her pussy, we’re here to guide you into the fun world of digital flirting.

  1. Initiation. Just like you would do if you were having cocktails in a bar, tell her you love her eyes, her wit, her full red lips or her long flowing hair. Ask to see her a picture of her right then. If she says she doesn’t look suitable for a camera because she hasn’t washed her hair in two days because of the pandemic, say you don’t care. “I’ll just imagine that’s the way you are going to look after an all-night fucking session.” She needs to hear flattery especially now. Chances are she is as desperate for human contact as you are.
  2. Foreplay. Tease her. Tell her that you wish her lips were engaged in a kiss with you in your bed, naked. Take it to the next level, and say: “Honestly, I would rather have those lips around my cock.” Tease her with a selfie that makes you look handsome not desperate in old warmups and messy hair. You need to look good. You need to tell her she is stunning even if she can’t visit the hair stylist. Hold off on sending dick pics. A lot of women are turned off initially by receiving a dick pic out of the blue. (We’ll get to how to shoot a perfect dick picture in a minute.)
  3. Discover. Digital flirting allows you to ask questions and explore fantasies in a way that real life doesn’t. You can cut to the sexual chase a lot quicker online than having to be on your best behaviour at a dinner date, woo her over dessert, and then try to get her to invite you back to her place or hang at your place. Online flirting can let you send a funny meme about face masks that might include the kind everyone is wearing around the city vs. a ball and gag, if you are into bondage. If she laughs and agrees, you may have found your fetish playmate the minute the pandemic lifts. If she balks or shies away, you can press bit further. Ask her if she has ever wanted to live out a wild fantasy. Chances are, she has. Chances are, she’s thinking about it a lot more during this isolation. And chances are, she’s going to run to your door the minute that she can to unleash her pent-up horniness.
  4. Money shots. Oh, yes, you know you want to see her pussy and tits. You want her to be your own personal porn star. After following the first three steps, tell her that. If she says she has never sent a nude pic, tell her that you can be first. She will likely not want to show her face. Don’t press her. You have already probably seen a selfie of her. And let’s be honest, you aren’t really wanting to study her face. You want to see her rude bits where you can imagine thrusting your cock into her slit. Let her send a picture first. It may be only her tits or a tease shot of her belly. Coax her into showing her clit or a picture of her preferred sex toy. Ask her to take a picture of her dildo in her pussy. In short order, she’ll be so wet she’ll do whatever you want. She may be a pro at sexy photos and have a camera roll of them to send that will make your dick get hard in less five seconds. Lucky you!
  5. Dick pics. Now it’s your turn. Aroused and erect, shoot your dick in the most flattering way. Some men have an archive of dick pics that are taken in various locales – the shower, the bed, even in a car next to the stick shift, outside in your garden, enjoying your morning cup of tea. Don’t get embarrassed. Tell your online lover how hard she makes you – and then prove it. She’ll be impressed, trust us.
  6. Real time. Thanks to technology, you can have your own private sex show online and that’s where the fun really begins. Talking dirty – let it all out, push the boundaries – will release the sexual chemistry brewing and ignite a blazing fire. Tell her your deepest desire is to watch her masturbate with her dildo. “Imagine that’s my dick in you,” you say as she thrusts it into deep into her snatch. “I want to hear you come. Let it out.” “I’m stroking my cock and I’m cumming with you.” Order her to spread her legs further and let you hear the dildo going in and out of her wet pussy. If she is into bondage, ask her to show you her nipple clamps and latex bra. Show her how you jack off. “I can’t wait for you to watch me do this in front of you so I can cum all over your face,” you can say.

Sure, many of us may be alone right now. But we don’t have to be out-of-touch, and we don’t have to cum alone at home. Now is the time to explore new friendships from afar and find your fantasy fuck mate. She may just be in your own backyard. And with these tips, she’ll definitely be counting the days until you can rip each other’s clothes off in person.

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