Natalia's Erotic Escapades

Natalia’s Erotic Escapades

Michael needed a break from his wife, his kids, his business, everything.

Luckily, his father had left him a small fortune upon his death, a private jet and a small piece of land in the middle of nowhere Australia. On it, he had built a small, but posh, getaway bungalow that he had never told his wife that he had. When he was feeling horny and needed an escape from family life, he often visited his property, Buffy Willow, named for two former lovers, who had taught him the magic of threesomes.

He was due for some time at Buffy Willow, and he didn’t plan to go alone. No, he had his eye on Natalia. She was young, 19, with colossal tits and curves that his hands could roam for hours. Natalia was just the cure he needed for his stress.

Michael specified exact instructions. He would fly to Buffy Willow, and then have his pilot return to Sydney to pick up Natalia who needed a carry-on bag full of sex toys. She was to have the best champagne on her flight, and he wanted her to exit the plane on his private airstrip completely naked. If she was up to that adventure, she would be rewarded greatly.

Natalia so was ready for such a sexual caper.

On the flight from Sydney, she had the cabin to herself, and after a couple of flutes of champagne, she stripped down ready for whatever the weekend was going to offer. She had seen a picture of Michael – he was often in the news for his business dealings – and he was handsome. He had the body of a tennis pro, and she had heard through the rumour mill he had one of the longest dicks ever. She couldn’t wait. Just thinking about it made her horny.

Lying on the plane’s sofa, she spread her legs, strategically placed her phone between her legs and began flicking her rosy clit. She slid her finger into her pussy and expertly massaged her G-spot, the harder she rubbed the wetter she became until she squirted her cum all over the screen of her phone.

Natalia stood up to stretch and walked brazenly up to the pilot’s cockpit.

“Hi,” she said, standing beside him naked.

“Well, hello,” he said. “Wow.”

“Yeah, Michael wants me to exit without a stitch of clothing.”

“He is one lucky man,” the pilot said.

“You could be, too, if you weren’t flying this plane,” she said.

“Damn my luck.”

“Can you take your eyes off of the sky for a minute?” she asked.


“I just made a little video, what do you think?” 

The pilot took the phone and watched Natalia’s video – twice.

“For fuck’s sake, that is the sexiest damn thing I’ve ever seen,” he said.

Natalia eyed the bulge in the pilot’s pants and smiled. She maneuvered her way toward him and bent down, careful not to touch any of the plane’s complicated knobs and gadgets. She unzipped his pants.

“I am not sure this is a good idea,” he said. “Mr. Bates is expecting you for the weekend.”

“We can have fun before we arrive,” Natalia said. “He shouldn’t get all the pleasure, should he?”

She swirled her tongue relentlessly before taking him completely into her mouth. He growled as he continued to fly the plane.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” he said.

Natalia continued her mission, and the pilot released a load of cum in her mouth.

“Yum. You taste like a margarita.”

“Fuck, I’m a mess and we’re landing in ten minutes or so.”

“Me too,” she said. “I better go freshen up before we land. Glad you enjoyed it.”

Natalia strutted out of the cockpit, leaving the pilot in an orgasmic daze. She reapplied her crimson lipstick, downed another glass of champagne, and powdered her face. She could not wait to fuck Michael and wondered where they would fuck first. On the plane? She hoped not since she just given a blowjob to the pilot.

As the plane descended, Natalia grabbed her bags – a small white carry-on with her toys and a larger one with an array of lingerie, shorts, T-shirts, a nice red dress and heels. Not that she might need any clothes at all.

The plane landed and the pilot unlocked the cabin’s door.

“The pleasure was all mine,” he said.

“And mine,” Natalia said, walking down the steps completely naked.

Michael waited by a black Range Rover, and his eyes studied the beautiful woman as she headed toward him. Her tits were superb, and  her pussy was perfectly bald. 

“Natalia,” he said.

“Michael,” she said, quickly glancing over her shoulder to see the pilot watching her every move.

“Are you ready for a weekend you will never forget?”

“The question is are you ready?”

“More than ready,” he said.

Michael waved at the pilot and he re-entered the plane. Natalia knew though he had a happy memory to take back home with him. She noticed that the back of the Range Rover was open.

“Why don’t you go back there and lie down,” Michael said.

“Yes sir,” she said, jokingly.

Doing as she was told, she hopped into the Rover and spread her legs. She began teasing herself like she had on the plane, and Michael watched. He saw her wetness glistening as she became more aroused with each circular motion she made on her clit.

Unzipping his shorts, he pulled out his dick, and Natalia’s eyes widened. Indeed, it was the longest dick with tremendous girth she had ever seen. Pulling her long legs from the Rover, he wrapped them around his waist and rammed his cock into her inviting pussy. In a frenzied pace, Michael fucked her relentlessly as sweat poured down her legs. He bit her nipples until she moaned loudly, and at that moment, she felt his warm cum erupt in her.

“I hope you can handle me for three days because I like to fuck,” Michael said.

“I will wear you out,” Natalia said. “You’ve met your match.”

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