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Sex In The Time Of Coronavirus

You are horny.

You want to fuck.

You need to get off.

But what can you do about that in the midst of the rampant, and deadly, COVID-19 virus? Granted, this isn’t the sexiest time in world history with medical experts telling you to social distance, stay six feet away from each other, and wash your hands frequently. Condoms may not even protect you. Let’s admit it, though. Even in a pandemic, you have to get off especially if you are cooped up alone in quarantine. Right? Don’t fret. There are ways to conquer your loneliness even in these weird times.

It may not be fucking – skin on skin – for the moment or plunging your cock into a beautiful, tight pussy, but you can indulge in sexual, naughty fun in the age of coronavirus with alternatives. It’s very possible, you’ve had some sort of cyber sex before with a fuck buddy, girlfriend, maybe even your wife. Sure, virtual sex sounds like something from a sci-fi flick, but it can make you feel alive, connected, and yes, it can make you cum. And a satisfying orgasm can release a lot of stress and tension — something most of us are dealing with these days. 

So how do you find someone to do talk dirty to? You are probably going to have to connect with an old lover you have in your speed dial or are friends with on social media. Or maybe you already have your eye on someone. An office crush, someone you recently met in a bar, or someone you have been chatting with on social media or a dating app. Get to flirting!

Hanging On The Telephone

Let’s do the time warp, again. Hello, old-fashioned phone sex. Yep, desperate times call for desperate measures. You may be old enough to remember a time before everyone was connected with video capabilities and social media. Back then, you may have talked dirty to your girlfriend or even someone you met in a chat room online in the 1990s on the phone and whisper all sorts of X-rated secrets. It can happen again. Find that crush and exchange numbers. Be flirty. Take it to the next level. Embrace some naughtiness into the phone that can make you hard and get you off. Sure, it’s not like good old dirty sex, but we are in surreal times when you can’t even shake hands much less kiss or get a proper blowjob. But a sexy voice on the other end of the line whispering all sorts of raunchy secrets can make you feel desired, wanted and definitely not alone during a long night or an uneventful afternoon. 

I Want Your Sexting 

Bored at home? Sexting is a great way to spend an hour or more flirting, and it is so much more than the banal “What are you wearing?” Sexting can kick start your naughty creativity and get your cock hard. That’s especially true if you are texting someone who knows how to weave erotic magic with their words based on some of their racy sexual experiences. In normal times, sexting is fantastic foreplay before hooking up later in the day or night. In these times, it can be a connection to another person who is as horny as you. Hint: Don’t be reckless. Delete, delete, delete. You don’t want the wrong set of eyes to see them. Sure, it may seem awkward at first, and you may really, really want to touch the person on the other end of the text, but let your imagination roam wild. Don’t know what to say in a text? Here are some tips.

Girls on Film

Isn’t it better receiving a picture from someone you may be sexting than watching strangers fucking in porn by yourself? We agree. A wet pussy shot can make you forget anything that is happening in the world. And yes, women want to see your dick. They want to imagine you fucking them with it, and they will fantasise about it after you disconnect. During this time of isolation, sending naughty pictures and videos can make you feel good about yourself, too. Having to look good can also make you get off the sofa, take a shower, and look your best with anticipation that you can release some pent-up stress and anxiety. Make the woman on the other end of the camera feel as if she is your own real-life porn s*x goddess. She will feel better about herself, too, Remember, if you send pictures,  only take photos below your neck. You don’t want anyone connecting your rude bits to you!

Warm Leatherette

Got a fetish that needs feeding? In an ideal world, your fantasies could become flesh-on-flesh reality. But we are all living in a bubble now. Still, dreams can come true. How, you may think? Maybe you desire a dominatrix. Or a French maid? A gorgeous statuesque woman relaxing her long legs in a bubble bath? Or a beautiful woman who can squirt across the room? That can still happen. Hello, video! Women still want to feel desired in the midst of a pandemic. They still want to feel sexy. They want to fulfil your dreams and play in your fetishes. Thanks to modern technology, desires can be met. These are not the times to be shy. Once you start to talk to someone, tell her what you really want. Ask her what she wants. Then start talking, sexting, chatting on social media, sharing videos, and ultimately, having some orgasmic fun!

We agree that nothing replaces a passionate kiss, a hard cock in a wet pussy, pulling a lover’s hair, and a mind-boggling blowjob. But until we can all touch again, make your fantasies reality — from a safe distance. 

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