How To Give Her The Best Oral Sex Of Her Life

Sex Tips: How To Give Her The Best Oral Sex Of Her Life

Let’s be frank. Men aren’t the only one who wants head. Women want it, too.

Some women may be shy to ask, and others may spread their legs, show you their beautiful pussy, and say, “Happy eating.” But do you know what she really wants? How to really make her c*m, moaning and screaming not to stop? Can your tongue conjure enough magic even to make her squirt like a fountain?

It’s definitely possible if you have the right oral sex techniques. Go into your cunnilingus adventure with confidence that you can become the master of female oral sex. As Yoda once said, there is no try, there is only do. Do make her c*m while you give her the best oral sex of her life.

Here’s how to give oral sex for women that will blow her mind:

1. To get the women in your bed revved up, run your fingers in feather light strokes up and down her thighs. Do not dare go near her pussy. You might want to dive right in but don’t. Pace and stamina are critical to good oral sex. You like a woman who can suck your d*ck for more than 10 minutes, and a woman likes a man who can to the same with her pussy.

2. Kiss her passionately while still teasing her inner thighs. Tell her how sexy she is and how her pussy is tight and beautiful. “I can’t wait to taste you,” you could say. “I plan to eat you all night.” Tease her clit with your fingers – ever so lightly. Those 8,000 nerve endings in her clit will wake up immediately. Suck her nipples, nibble them as you press your c*ck against her pussy. Don’t slide in even though you will want to. This isn’t about fucking. It’s about going down on her.

3. Pepper her stomach with kisses as you shimmy down her body to her desirable clit. Remember when you first dreamed of a clit in your mouth as you jerked off. Think about all of the things you imagined back then.

4. Start by slowly licking and sucking her until that pink rosebud swells in your mouth. Pull her clit into your mouth, sucking it like you have a straw in your mouth. Whatever you do, though, don’t nibble with your teeth. Ouch!

5. Some men prefer to put their hands under their lover’s hips to give them leverage for their oral sex marathon, and that’s okay. But that’s not what she wants. She craves your fingers in her pussy. Put them there. That’s what superstar oral sex maestros do. Use your fingers in conjunction with your tongue. Slide your fingers into her pussy and go deep until you discover her glorious, moist G-spot. Once you find it, massage it with pressure as your tongue strokes her clit. Move your tongue down to her pussy as your fingers keep working her G-spot. Devour her. She’ll give you directions by her moans, her yeses, her heavy breathing, her screams of “Oh my God!” 

6. You may be tired, but relax your jaw as you lick. Don’t clench up. It’s okay to take a breather by kissing her for a few seconds and diving back in to her delicious pussy. Don’t give up because you get tired. You want to stay at it until you get the money shot.

7. Want to get rough? Go for it. Don’t be shy to get firm. Lick her clit harder, putting hard pressure as you finger her deeply. Slide your fingers – three or even four inside her. She’ll be wet enough for you to easily glide in and out as if your fingers are a dick. Hit and tickle her G-spot frequently. No doubt, her dildo tickles it all the time, and that’s why a lot of women call their vibrator their best friend.

8. Stop. Seriously, move away from her and slither up her body and kiss her. She’ll feel your hard cock against her pussy. Do not fuck her. Before she can pull you into her wet paradise, move back down and lick her again, playing with her G-spot again. By this point, she will be losing her mind, and she will know you know how to perform oral on her. 

9. In a flash, remove your fingers and slide your dick into her pussy unexpectedly. Remember, this isn’t about you right now. This is all about her. Thrust a few times and quickly pull out. Returning your mouth to her clit, finger her G-spot rhythmically hard as if your life depends on it. Don’t be afraid to be aggressive and rough. Pussies can take a lot of pressure. This move often makes women scream as they cum wildly and often squirt like a porn star. She may even squirt more than once. Yes, it happens. And once it does, you will become addicted to the challenge of making it happen again either with her or other women.

10. If that happens, don’t stop. Lap up her delicious juices and keep going. She wants to come again. She really does. Focus on her clit and pull back its hood. You can do this by putting your thumb and index finger on either side of her clit and point downward. Her nerve endings will feel your tongue intensely, and she will go wild.

11. Take the tip of your tongue and go deep and hard on her clit. Whatever you do at this point, don’t stop. The harder you go, the faster you lick, the more pressure you apply, she will whether she even realises it fuck your face, bucking her hips, until she erupts in an explosive, sweating orgasm.

Remember, a slow build takes time, but your lover will undoubtedly cum over and over if you know how to give her head. Dizzy with desire, her pussy, soaked in juices, will crave your cock. She will pull your hard dick into her, and let the fucking begin.

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