Sex Tips on Talking Dirty

You want to rev her motor, get her wetter and hornier than she already is.

One fantastic way to do that? Talk dirty to her. Whether she’s beside you in the car, naked in bed with you, or texting you late at night, getting naughty with your words is a sure way to build sexual tension that will definitely make her pussy purr. And maybe even roar.

But how do you just boldly plunge into sex talk without sounding awkward, creepy or robotic? It’s easier than you think. Here are some tips to make you confident in saying or typing erotically naughty words that will make her juices flow.

1. Be flirty – at first. Ask her how her day was or what she is doing (if you are texting.) Call her by a nickname – cute buttercup, hot gingersnap, sexy superwoman. Tell her you are bored and need some excitement. She’ll take the bait. “What kind?” she may ask. “Oh, you know a French maid or a naughty girl to show me some fun.”

2. Jumpstart her with suggestive questions. Ask some questions that will put her in the driver’s seat to initiate where the conversation goes. One of the first things you need to know is what kind of woman she is in the bedroom (if you haven’t already gotten her in bed). Does she like sex that is aggressive and animalistic? Or does she want to make gentle love with sweet kisses and romantic talk?

Tell her you can’t stop thinking about her, her tight bum and her amazing breasts. She will be flattered, and you will know whether to push the sexual envelope. If you get the green light, here are some questions to keep her interest:

What’s your favourite position? If she says on top, you say, “I would love to watch you ride my cock while I play with your gorgeous tits.” Does she like doggy style? “Oooh, I want to fuck you from behind and spank that tight ass of yours.”

When was the last time you got off? Do you like toys? What kind of toys do you like? What’s your wildest fantasy? Have you ever fucked in a public place? Do you like to give or receive? Do you know how much I want your lips around my dick?

Trust us, she will undoubtedly confess her sexy secrets to you, igniting a passionate, erotic conversation. And ultimately reaching the goal line: Both of you getting off.

3. Don’t be cliché. Naturally, you may want to say, “I want you so bad” because it’s the truth. You want to fuck her. But these words can come across as awkward and, frankly, boring. It’s also very likely she has heard these very words many times. Yawn, here we go again.

If you are plunging into dirty talk (after asking some fun questions like the ones above), start with a bang. Examples: “Ever since I saw you, I can’t stop thinking about how your pussy would feel around my cock.” “I woke up in the middle of the night with a hard-on thinking about you. Now I have to change the sheets.” “I have a confession. I want you to sit on my face and me eat you for hours.” “I stroked my dick before bed and imagined it was your hand.” 

She may act coy at first, but trust us, she wants to know these things. She just may need permission and a little push to release her inner sex kitten.

4. Act like a gentleman. Always. She may want a bad boy, a scandalous rogue, but she also wants a nice guy. If she seems offended by something (Example: I want to ram my cock in your ass), apologise. How? Simply tell her you got carried away, and your fantasies got the best of you. Calm down your cock and reboot with a compliment (“You’re the funniest woman I have ever met” or “You’re very kind.” Pick a non-sexual attribute and shower her with sweetness for a bit.

5. Be kinky. As you ask questions, you may discover she really wants to get raunchy, and that’s a huge win for you. If she cracks the kink door open, enter boldly. If she starts telling you her dirty desires, tell her she is a naughty girl and she needs a spanking. “Do you know how much you are turning me on? You’re a bad girl and you need a spanking.”

She may confess that she is into BDSM and has a trunk filled with toys like a pair of handcuffs, a whip, a riding crop, and nipple clamps. If you are face timing, tell her to put the clamps on her nipples while you watch or tease her clit with the riding crop. The erotic possibilities are endless.

Chances are she wants to be a bad girl – a very bad girl with you.

A few “do nots”: Don’t moan, groan, growl and grunt too much or too early in dirty talk. It may sound like you are trying too hard to be a porn star when in reality you are an average horny guy who wants to fuck.

If you are sexting, don’t overuse crazy emojis. A real woman wants a real man, not a teenager who uses cute smiley faces to express himself.

It may take a few times to master your vibe, and remember, every woman is different. If you’ve talked dirty in the past with a lover and something worked, it may not turn on another woman who has different desires and a stronger, or God forbid weaker, libido.

Talking dirty can lead you into fun, sexual adventures while unleashing wicked, kinky fantasies that will make you  — and her — cum again and again.

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