The Top Tips on How to Last Longer in Bed

The Top Tips on How to Last Longer in Bed

You have probably seen the signs from your partner regarding how she feels towards your sex life. You may have heard her say things like, “oh you’re done?”

Another sign a woman is displeased with the amount of time you spend during active penetration, is the look on her face when you are finished.

It is Normal to Want to Make Sex Last Longer

A primary complaint of many women is they wish there were ways to make sex last longer. They may be hesitant to bring up premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction with you. This is a topic arena that many women hesitate to bring up for various reasons. A woman loves to make her man feel like he pleases her in the bedroom. If you are feeling the pressure to last longer in bed, imagine having to bring up the topic with a woman so hot that your penis just wants to explode as soon as you see her smoking hot body.

She Wishes you Would Delay Ejaculation and Pleasure Her Longer in Bed

Whether you suffer from this problem, performance anxiety, or erectile dysfunction, there is help for you to last longer in the bedroom. Men no longer have to engage in this embarrassing conversation with another guy or partner. This article is intended to help men last longer during sex. We will also give you ways to last longer by using over the counter supplements and pertinent health information about serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

How Can I Not Come Early When I am Pushed to the Point of No Return?

Most women desire a man who has better control and stamina during a sex session with their partner. Both men and women get frustrated by the dreaded point of no return. It is essentially when a man during sexual activity, experiences a surge in pleasure and there is no way to stop the flow of blood rushing to the testicles. Sensitivity and pleasure levels peak. At this integral time, not having an orgasm is no longer an option. Ejaculation is imminent. The average length of active penetration is generally only in the two minutes to five minute range. The first step to last longer in bed is to recognise when you are about to reach that point.

Condoms Help you Last Longer and Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Condom manufacturers have entered into a whole new arena in the sex products market. They are designing new condoms not simply to cover the penis, to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STI’s, but for an entirely different reason. Relationship expert and world-renowned sex therapist, Ian Kerner, has been promoting the usage of these to his clients in long term relationships. The reason? He is aiming to teach men how to last longer in bed.

After hearing numerous complaints about premature ejaculation during sex, he had to incorporate new information in his couples therapy. He has partnered with some condom manufacturers to promote new health information that improves sex lives in this revolutionary way. Having the penis covered by a condom with benzocaine on the inside and sensitivity enhancing lubrication outside seems to do the trick. It serves a dual purpose. They help reduce ejaculation too soon as well as assist women to reach orgasm faster. It is a way to meet in the middle when it comes to reaching climax for both partners.

The Top Tips on How to Last Longer in Bed | Red Door Agency

The Squeeze Technique to Help you Last Longer During Sex

For men who have a problem with premature ejaculation, there is another method a guy can try known as the squeeze technique. This is a method that can effectively delay coming too soon during sex. It can be done a single time, or repeated as often as one can tolerate it. It involves holding an orgasm at bay when men are really close to finishing. Always discuss these matters with your partner before pulling this surprise manoeuvre.

How this Technique can Help You Control Blood Flow

This secret technique allows a man to last a longer amount of time during penetration. While engaging in sexual activity, when all the blood flow rushes into the testicles, grab the under the head of the penis and hold it with a firm grip. This needs to be done until the immediate feeling of needing to climax goes away. This can be done once or several times if you wish to gain better control.

Using Your PC Muscles to Help you Last Longer

Another effective technique that many men don’t know about to hold off on getting off during sex is using their pubococcygeal muscles or pc muscles to prevent premature ejaculation. This area is a muscle group in the pelvic region. It is the same group of muscles that allow you to stop urinating and start again that can help you delay ejaculation. Having better control over these muscles can serve a dual purpose of strengthening your urine flow as well as improving your sex life.

How Can a Guy Utilise their Pubococcygeal Muscles to Make Sex Last Longer?

Most people think that kegel exercises are reserved for females. Men however, can benefit from strengthening the muscles in their pelvic region to prevent premature ejaculation. Certain muscles in this area have been found to contract when an orgasm occurs. If a man can learn to relax these muscles during sex, he can last significantly longer in bed.

Learning to Do Kegel Exercises Takes Practice

Having perfect control over when you come and be able to last longer would be a great concept right? As with many methods to control when you ejaculate, this takes knowledge and practice to correct the problem. The more often you do them, the more effective you will become at rocking your woman’s sex life.

How to Find These Muscles to Hold off Your Orgasm

The first step in learning to prevent premature ejaculation using your pelvic muscles is by knowing exactly where they are. When using the bathroom, begin to pee and suddenly stop. Start urinating again. This is where the muscles are. Practice doing this until you can locate them without urinating. This can take some practice so be prepared to treat this like you would treat any muscle group you wish to strengthen.

Once You Find your Pelvic Muscles You Can Start Kegel Exercises

After you have become a pro at finding them, start actively doing these exercises for a minimum of three seconds. Relax for the same period of time that you held them. Make sure you have correctly identified them enough times that you don’t accidentally use other muscles in that general area as that is a common problem many men make when attempting to control the muscles in their pelvis. Do this anywhere from ten to fifteen times per exercise session. As you begin to strengthen this muscle group, you will be able to contract and release this muscle group for a longer amount of time just like any other exercise. You will begin to appreciate all the effort the females in your life do for you to please you during sex after a session or two of this! It is also reported that it can help you last longer in bed by approximately three quarters of men who have mastered these exercises.

Save the Doggy Style Sex for Last

When it comes to techniques to last longer in bed, don’t bend your girl over and doggy style fuck her from the get go. That is a premature ejaculation disaster waiting to happen. This is known more as the “finishing position” for most guys for a reason. During doggy style sex, you are doing all the thrusting and have all the control. This turns into a problem as you are bound to blow a load quite quickly. Let your girl take the reins for a bit and let her climb on top for a while to delay your orgasm. Switching it up every few minutes is a great way to last longer than two minutes in the sack.

Last Longer in Bed with Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

SSRI’s help with depression and anxiety but can also be a man’s best friend or worst enemy in the bedroom. Antidepressants in this category were first thought to be a mood killer in the bedroom. However, for men who come quickly, this secret sex aid can be a lifesaver for a man who wants to reduce performance anxiety. These medications along with other over the counter supplements like horny goat weed can be an incredible way to increase stamina when used correctly.

To Master the Secret of Lasting Longer in Bed Combine a Few Techniques

If performance anxiety is destroying your sex life, try combining more than one technique to last longer. This guide is intended to mix up different ways to fuck like a porn star and satisfy your partner in ways she never thought possible. Don’t overexert yourself, but test different methods out to see which ones work best to delay ejaculating and eliminate the problem of premature ejaculation once and for all. Delaying your orgasm makes it more satisfying for both of you. Sex should be equally enjoyable for both parties to maximise satisfaction and keep her coming back again for more.

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