Your Guide to Female Erogenous Zones

Your Guide to Female Erogenous Zones

Those who enjoy the company of women will know that the female orgasm can be an elusive mistress, but that once achieved, the manifest pleasure of a woman can be truly arousing. There are a number of ways by which one might facilitate a woman’s arousal, and every woman is different. One woman might enjoy one thing, while another might enjoy a combination of others. However, there are few reported common erogenous zones among women, and experimentation with these will not only spice up your sex life, but will bring you ever closer to hitting the right spot with the woman in your life. This article will explore in depth some of the most common female erogenous zones, how to stimulate them, as well as some lesser known erogenous zones which might help you to get your girl to where she’s going.  

Primary Erogenous Zones 

The Nipples  

The nipples are an invaluable tool for the feminine sexual stimulation. Sexual stimulation for the female body is not an isolated event, and her pleasure permeates through her entire body. When stimulated, the nipples can heighten vaginal and clitoral pleasure in women. Some women, as many as 20%, are able to climax from nipple stimulation alone.  

Nipples can be stimulated by gently squeezing between your thumb and index finger, lick in a circular motion, or lightly suck with gradually increasing pressure. 

The G-Spot  

The G-spot is an erogenous zone that is often treated as a myth, but which very much exists. Penetrative sex can be a hit or miss with many women, but your success rate may be elevated by finding the right angle, or finding the G-Spot. Contrary to the beliefs of many, the G-Spot is not situated at the ‘end of the tunnel’, but rather on the inside of the front wall. It may be useful to imagine that the G-spot is situated on the ‘other side’ of the clitoris. If you’re unsure of where you would find the clitoris (we’ll get there), imagine inserting your fingers into the vagina, and making a “come hither” movement towards you. This is where you will typically find the G-Spot. 

The A-Spot  

A lesser known erogenous zone, the A-Spot refers to the stimulation of the vaginal opening. This stimulation can be achieved by shallow penetration or rubbing of the area where the vaginal opening begins, and is often accompanied by clitoral stimulation. 

The Clitoris  

This elusive mistress has baffled generations upon generations of men, but can be harnessed for greatness. The clitoris is located above the vaginal opening, beneath what is called the vaginal hood. You will recognize the clitoris as what seems to be a small button somewhere above the vaginal opening. Of course, it isn’t always that simple. The air of mystery which clouds the clitoris is grounded in some reasonable fact. The clitoris, like the penis, hardens when aroused, and so it becomes easier to locate when some stimulation has already taken place (so, whether your licking or sucking or rubbing, there is no shame in taking a look to resituate yourself!). Clitoral stimulation can be achieved by rubbing in circular or left/right movements, as well as by sucking on the clitoris, or by licking in circular, left/right, up/down movements. It may take some practice to find out exactly what she likes, but when you do, let’s just say the mystery will be solved. 

Your Guide to Female Erogenous Zones

Secondary Erogenous Zones 

Primary erogenous zones are great, and are your best bet of facilitating the female orgasm, but many women need a little bit more to help them cross that finish line. Now, these are not for everyone, so it’s worth asking your partner if she’s into it on a case by case basis. Secondary erogenous zones can be used in combination with the primary and with each other to find the perfect pleasure cocktail. Some secondary erogenous zones include: the neck, the ears, the feet, the anus, the fingertips, the lower back, the wrists, the armpits, the scalp, the stomach and, even, the knees.  

Now, that is a whole lot of body to cover. But many of these secondary erogenous zones are based on the simple premise that these areas of the body are sensitive to the touch. The ticklish spots can heighten sexual stimulation. As we know, the female orgasm is not isolated, and is a full-body experience, so there is certainly no harm in stimulating the more sensitive parts of the body which might help her reach climax. Most of these erogenous zones can be stimulated by light finger play, kissing, or licking.  

In Conclusion 

Every woman is different, and it may take some practice and experimentation to find just the right combination of erogenous zone stimulations in order to reach optimal pleasure. This experimentation could be seen as a fun way to bring some excitement into the bedroom, and could strengthen your sexual connection with your partner. Of course, it is important to remain aware of what your partner is and isn’t okay with; For example, while some women may enjoy anal stimulation, others are vehemently opposed to it. So, now that you are equipped with the knowledge and a pledge to consent, go forth and make the woman in your life shudder! 

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