Make Out Monday: 6 Secrets To The Perfect Quickie

6 Secrets To The Perfect Quickie

It’s #MakeOutMonday – so this week, we’re going to teach you…

How to have a meaningful quickie

With Christmas around the corner and life going at crazy speeds, sometimes the smartest s*x we can have is the fast and the furious ‘quickie’. Hot, fast and sweaty s*x that leaves you smiling for the rest of the day or before you head to your next function.

Of course, long bookings are fun and you get to explore each other in detail. However, an ‘hour of power’ can be just as hot and heavy and it means you don’t have to go horny, or go home.

Here are our top 6 tips to have a meaningful quickie with an escort:

  • Set your intention

Firstly, let the receptionist know you will be pressed for time and part of your fantasy is it being ‘all over red rover’ within your time frame. If that’s an hour, that’s all good. It just helps your high-class companion to know what service to serve you with.

  • Know what’s coming

Your quickie will be hotter and more meaningful if you’ve been thinking about it all day long.  Sure, lots of quickies are spontaneous. But if you happen to know when your quickie will happen, then make sure to wear something that’ll make it easy to get into the good stuff ASAP. Maybe undo your tie and take off your jacket if you’re wearing one. Either way, your high-class escort can also be sure she is looking hot without anything getting in your way.

  • Slip into comfort

Don’t be afraid of using lube. It doesn’t mean she isn’t excited – the reality is that quickies happen fast, and that means anyone would probably need a little assistance getting wet enough (whether it’s a penis, s*x toy or fingers). Lube is an important part of the process – go with it.

  • Factor in foreplay

If you’re planning to have full-on penetrative s*x, you might not want to waste any time on foreplay. But, even with the addition of lube, foreplay is important. So, don’t skip it. If you’re going to do 60 minute quickie, spend 15 minutes stimulating each other so you have lubrication and both feel in the mood.

  • Switch it up

Having s*x in the same bed each and every time is sure to get boring. Switching up your typical location is an easy way to make a new kind of connection with your Sydney escort. It’s exciting to do it in a different place; hence meeting your companion in a hotel for lunch break is the perfect breakaway from the norm. Do it on the table or somewhere different in the room, like the bathroom, surrounded by mirrors before you head out for dinner.

  • Get kinky

Lastly…kinky isn’t a dirty word! It can actually be amazing. Both men and women love raw, hard, animal s*x.Sometimes, that’s where your libido takes you and that on its own can be really bonding, because you have to trust your partner to really listen to you.

There you go! Why not treat yourself this Christmas with one of our elite escorts and enjoy the ‘hour of power’ when it suits you. Our receptionists are waiting for your call to help you make this fantasy happen. And don’t forget – the best thing about a quickie for lunch or early dinner is you might even have time to have round two…if you’re up for it. So, here’s who we have ready, willing and waiting for you this week.

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