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A Few Tips on How to Please a Woman in Bed

You may be surprised to hear that men and women are not so different in what they want from each other in bed. We may not be the same when it comes to what parts of our body tingle when and how. Our orgasms may be different and women may have a vulva, g spot, clitoris and a vagina. A man has testicles, a penis and a g spot. We do however have something very interesting in common. Both sexes have something in their brains known as the sexual response mechanism.

This is divided into two sections. The first is known as the “SES” or Sexual Excitation System. This part of the brain is what gets a human being aroused and in the pleasure seeking mindset. The second part is the complete opposite. It is known as “SIS” or Sexual Inhibition System. This portion creates signals in the brain that are related to sexual stimulation and orgasms. This mechanism tells us to slow down or to put the brakes on a bit when it comes to sexual activity.

Knowing this information is the first step in understanding how to please your lover. Even though the above information is factual, there still are differences in how fast a man can get turned on compared to a woman. Most men don’t understand how they can pop a woody at the drop of a hat and that their partner takes a great deal of warming up before she is horny. This guide will teach you the various ways to get your woman in bed to feel more emotionally connected to you and have the best orgasm she has ever had in her life.

Realise that the Woman in Bed with You is Unique

As a man, you truly have to comprehend that each woman is completely different in what she desires in bed. Some women want you to take your time and make foreplay the most integral part of your rendezvous. This is why sharing information with each other and understanding her preferences is the key to creating a dynamite sexual connection between the two of you.

It’s vitally important to pay attention and listen to your partner. Some women love to get hot and heavy fast. They want to suck your dick and have you dive right into sex. Some girls enjoy being submissive and having you take control in the bedroom, while others like to be the dominant partner.

Others like you to explore their erogenous zones and engage in extended foreplay and passionate kissing for hours. Developing open communication creates a stronger emotional connection and allows her to experience your newest perfectly mastered oral sex technique and what you can do with your fingers. Don’t worry, we will get to that part! You don’t have to be a clinical sexologist or a sex therapist to understand what women desire. This article will also give you tips on various products you can use to enhance your sex life.

Take Your Time to Get Her Dripping Wet

If you have the type of woman who can orgasm fast, she might already be soaked simply from the thought of you. Wouldn’t that be great if all women could get off fast like that? When we say “take your time,” this statement means various things. One of the best ways to really get her engine roaring, is the slow seduction throughout the day method. This is where you start foreplay as early as possible in the day. Some tips on this include-

  • Leaving a note on her pillow, desk, car or anywhere else, you can think of that details exactly what you have in mind later when you get together.
  • Sexting throughout the day is another way to get her excited about you climbing on top of her later, or vice versa. Go into explicit detail about what you plan to do to her later that evening and how you have a new oral sex technique you’re dying to try out on her.
  • Let her know how sweet her pussy tastes and how big your cock is right now, just envisioning her naked in the bedroom.

Get Her New Sex Toys to Try

While you are at work thinking of how to please a woman that you are deeply attracted to, we already have amazing products for you to try. Have her please herself with your assistance. There are apps these days that take long distance sexting to a whole new level. There are sex toys that can be completely controlled by one partner via mobile, and utilised by the other via the toy. There are some that even light up so you can see the vibrations in action and get a visual of what exactly she is feeling at the moment. Turn it up and down, then put her into mind-blowing orgasm mode with one of these magic wonders of technological advancement.

Some have a super intense climax mode. These will have her gritting her teeth and hushing her own moans at work. To leave her waiting for the real thing, get her close to getting off, then turn it off, so she yearns for your magic fingers and cock.

The Seduction Skills that Will Send Her Vulva into Overdrive

To drive a woman wild in bed, there are various sexual activities you can perform on her before you have even taken your pants off. Start with a surprise. Grab her by the waist. Look her deeply in the eyes and tell her that you are going to make her moan in ways that the neighbours on the next block will hear. She’s going to be unable to control her screams of ecstasy. Next, pull her in and kiss her like the apocalypse is coming. Pull her hair back until her head is tilted almost fully upward and start gently stroking her face. Move on to flicking your tongue on the bottom of her earlobes. Move down her neck. Breathe lightly while caressing her face and stroking down her body until you reach her perky nipples.

Take her shirt off by taking your teeth at the bottom and begin lifting it up until it is over her tits. Go to her bra straps and pull them down with your mouth, while unbuttoning the back. Lightly take your fingers and circle around her breasts, focussing on the nipple area the most, one at a time. Next, flicker your tongue around them. Lightly stroke down her belly. Where her torso hits her hip bones, lick that area and watch her writhe around. Go back up to look her in the eyes and tell her you can’t wait any longer to eat her pussy as it tastes like the sweetest peach he’s ever eaten. You haven’t even had to take your clothes off yet, unless she most likely started to do that for you. You have crafted anticipation since the morning and it will all pay off into watching your partner have uncontrollable orgasms.

Prime Her Vulva to Squirt with your New Oral Sex Technique

This is the fun part. You can have some flavoured lube products ready to go. Make sure you have her at the end of the bed if you don’t already. If you don’t, pull her down and have her legs hanging over the side of the bed. Spread them apart by putting your hands between her legs and spread them wide open. With her panties still on, start to take your fingers and stroke the inside of her thighs. Move up her body and tell her to get ready to have the police force show up for noise complaints with a cheeky smirk.

Now, Here’s How You Make Her Moan

Now that you have spread her legs apart, it’s time to implement the new oral sex move you’re about to learn. Now that you have your face beneath her and between her thighs, you can really get this private party started.

Take your time. Start by again kissing between her legs on the inner thighs and her pubic bone region. Nibble at her panties a bit. Gently rub that area above her vulva and clitoris. Move down until your finger is feeling her vagina. Her panties are still on. Caress it in stroked back and forth and then dive in. Flatten your tongue and go up and down her vulva.

She will start to get really wet from this. Once she is really wet, pull her underwear down. She should be ready for your tongue by now. Lick the area is directly above her clitoris, back and forth showing her inner thigh region love too. Make small circles with the tip of your tongue directly over the hood of her clitoris. This will be the tiny area of skin that covers it. Spend a few minutes here. Start to spread the outer lips upward. Repeat the above actions again for a moment and then go back and pull the lips open again. This is the long tease. Use a very light amount of pressure and focus completely on her clitoris. Change speeds drastically from slow to fast and back again. When you have this mastered, it is a delicate balance but you will become a pro at it.

Keep repeating this until you have her squirting like a porn star all over your face. Here comes the best part for her. Tell her that you are ready to go again. Start the process over again without ever even taking your dick out. This will show her that it is all about her. Most likely she will want to fuck the shit out of you. You have just mastered how to please a woman in bed and you haven’t even started getting off yourself yet.

Keep your woman happy this way and there is no stopping the lengths she will go to please you.

Start in the morning, building anticipation, let her know how much she turns you on, keep building from a distance through the day, getting her more primed even when you are nowhere near each other, bring toys to the game. Once you do see each other, start that anticipation all over again, but face to face, do it slowly. Take her clothes off, slowly. Concentrate on her, get go down on her using the above tips. I swear she will be bucking and squirting uncontrollably. Game On.

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