Angie's Naughty Soccer Adventure

Emily’s Cafe Quickie

On her days off, Emily loved nothing more than finding the perfect spot in the sun at her local cafe, ordering her favourite hot drink (a spiced chai latte with … Read more

Zoe's Reunion Romp (Part I)

Zoe’s Reunion Romp (Part 1)

“I need to get out of this hell hole”, was the first thought on Zoe’s mind every morning she woke up in her dormroom bed at Frida Rhodes Highschool. Her … Read more

Amanda's Gets Off on her Day Off

Amanda’s Gets Off on her Day Off

She recognised him almost immediately. This was the guy from the library. Amanda blushed as she noticed the recognition in her masseuse’s eye. She had been browsing the books in … Read more

Alexis's Garden of Eden Adventure

Alexa’s Garden of Eden Adventure

Alexa wandered through the exotic garden, enjoying her day off. As she meandered toward a statue, a man suddenly appeared from nowhere. His pencil-thin silver moustache glittered in the sun, … Read more