A List Of The Sexiest Date Ideas

A List Of The Sexiest Date Ideas

With summer in full swing, there isn’t a better time to enjoy dates in the sun. Also, the best time of the year to show some skin…and get a little sweaty. If you want to spice up your next booking with a stunning companion, we’ve come up with some hot and spicy date ideas that are guaranteed to make summer your favourite season…without breaking the bank, of course. 

Take a sexy bath together

A luxurious bath with your beautiful companion, complete with candles and sexy music – the perfect stage for seduction. If you’d like some music ideas, read our #SexTipThursday mood music blog to make sure you hit all the right notes. You can also go all out with champagne and bubbles or take the sensory high road with a bath bomb. You won’t want to get out…

Share a sensual picnic 

A sexy picnic wouldn’t be right if it doesn’t include eating something off your partners’ body. Take this seductive dating idea to the next level with a picnic, edible flowers and chocolate covered strawberries for a not-to-be-forgotten event. If you don’t like the idea of having a sensual picnic outside, lay a rug on your hotel room floor and you can set the scene during your picnic in private for what is about to come.

Aphrodisiac buffet 

Make the date a taste adventure by trying out a variety of aphrodisiacs with your companion. They could be things that are well known for their seductive properties, like oysters, or more sensual in nature, like chocolate fondue. If you’d rather not be the one to make the buffet, you could go out and order sexy food from the menu and savour each morsel before you head back to your room to dine on each other!

Have her perform a striptease 

Take a cue from the heightened interest in burlesque these days and ask your stunning companion to put on a show you’ll never forget. A personalised striptease, just for you. Ask for your companion to be wearing her sexiest underwear set and watch her slowly undress in front of you, while you can enjoy every minute in the privacy of your own hotel or home.

Play together

Create your own seductive game to play with one another or purchase a sexy board game that guides you in the right direction. When you inject a bit of fun and levity into your seductive date, you’ll both benefit from the intimate connection and memorable moments. You could also make it a kinky game by blindfolding her and having your high-class escort guess what certain foods you feed her are.

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