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A Very Special Fantasy Fulfilled

The specifications were very clear.

Michael wanted a short, petite woman with long brown hair and large tits. Whatever her name was he would call her Carol. She was to fulfil his fantasy,that of the girl who got away from him in college. He had never had the nerve to ask her out, and although their paths crossed in adulthood, Carol, now a well-known poet, never gave Michael a second look. She liked tall, lanky rock star types, and he was far from that.

Once when Carol was drunk at a party, she confessed to Michael that she liked to be on top during sex and be spanked. He told her she was a very dirty girl, and she giggled. “I like to fuck, so sue me,” she said.

But she had never fucked him. Married twice, Michael always fantasised his now two ex-wives were Carol, and once he even called out Carol’s name when he came with his ex wife. Whenever he jacked off, he fantasised about Carol. He recently ran into her at a party, and now he couldn’t forget Carol and her braless tits, which peeked seductively from her low-cut black dress, and round ass.

Michael had cleaned his house like a maniac for days in anticipation of Ava, who for three hours he would pretend was Carol. When Ava knocked on his door, his dick was ready for action. It didn’t hurt that it had been almost a year since his dick had even been near a pussy. Although he had gained a few pounds, okay close to 75, and he was far from slim, he was still a man, and he had a lot of aggression to release.

“Hello, I’m Carol,” Ava said.

He knew she wasn’t Carol, but she was the most magnificent woman he had ever had the pleasure of fucking.

“Come in,” he said, removing her leather coat from her shoulder.

She wore a short, black lace dress and thigh high stockings, just like Carol often wore. Her knee-high red suede boots matched her red lips. Carol loved red lipstick. If the real Carol walked into his house, he knew what he would do, and he wasted no time unzipping Ava’s dress.

His hands embraced her curves and he unclasped her black satin bra, turning her around to examine her stunning tits. He buried his face in them and inhaled the sweet lavender of her perfume.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” he said, taking her hand and leading her down a narrow hallway.

Two huge bouquets of roses sat on bedside tables and candles burned throughout the room. Michael grabbed Ava, and his teddy bear body engulfed her petite frame. He pulled down her panties and his fingers slipped between her legs, feeling a natural wetness neither one of his wives ever had.

“Sit on the bed,” he whispered. “And take off your boots.”

Ava did as she was told, and Michael watched mesmerised, imagining Carol doing the same. Michael stripped out of his Green Lantern T-shirt, jeans and his boxers to show a raging hard cock.

“Kiss me and then sit on my face,” he said, lying down.

Her tongue parted his lips and she passionately kissed him before positioning her pussy perfectly on his face. His scruffy beard tickled her clit. Holding on to the headboard, she tangoed on his face as his tongue lapped her with a hunger she had never felt from another man. Enthusiastically, Michael licked her like a like a man in the desert who finds himself an ice cream. Ava’s pussy nectar poured into Michael’s mouth.

“Fuck sake, you’re good at that,” Ava said.

“Your pussy is delicious,” he said.

Ava inched down his stomach, leaving a trail of wetness on his hairy chest. She took his cock into her mouth for a few seconds before straddling Michael and gliding his dick into her snatch.

“Good God,” Michael moaned as Ava bucked her hips in the air and clenched her pussy muscles.

Grabbing her ass, Michael closed his eyes and pushed her as deep as he could into him, murmuring Carol’s name over and over lost in his own fantasy. Opening his eyes, he saw the gorgeous woman pumping on top of him, and he pinched her nipples until Ava yelped. Flipping her over, he spanked her ass and took her for behind, pumping her with a ferocity he didn’t know he even possessed.

“You are a very naughty tease,” Michael said.

“I know,” Ava said. “Punish me.”

He spanked her again and again, pulling her dark mane while pounding her. She felt his dick swelling inside of her, and she moaned.

“Oh fuck! Carol!” he yelled, releasing his load inside of her pussy.

As he pulled out, Ava lay on her stomach, spread eagle, catching her breath from a solid thirty minutes of animalistic fucking. Michael lay down beside her, and his fingers teased her clit.

“You like that?” he asked.

“Mmm hmm,” Ava said.

His fingers rubbed her harder and faster until she came, quivering and gasping. He could do the same thing with Carol, if she would give him half a chance.

Ava rolled over and smiled at Michael. She was the most spectacular woman he had ever fucked, and was, in fact, so much prettier than Carol. He took one of her large taut nipples into his mouth and sucked it. Then, reaching over, he did the same to her other nipple. She wanted him again, and she began to stroke his hardening cock. Straddling him, she slid him into her, riding him enthusiastically as she ran her fingers through her long wild hair. Entranced, he came unexpectedly.

“Now, I know you have a fantasy with Carol,” Ava said, rolling over and kissing him on the cheek. “You didn’t ask my advice, but I think you should invite her over tomorrow, and fuck her exactly like you fucked me. Eat her pussy. She’ll be yours forever. And if you want a threesome, call me.” Michael smiled. He planned to do just that.

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