Amanda's Gets Off on her Day Off

Amanda’s Gets Off on her Day Off

She recognised him almost immediately. This was the guy from the library. Amanda blushed as she noticed the recognition in her masseuse’s eye. She had been browsing the books in the adult section of the library when she saw him and assumed that he worked there; something about the sexy spectacles which framed his perfect blue eyes and the way he handled his stack of books with such casual confidence. She had asked him if he had any lesbian erotica. “That’s a little personal, don’t you think?”, he responded with a smirk that made her knees weak and her pussy moist. It was at this point that she’d realised that he unequivocally did not work there, apologised profusely, and left- empty handed.

“Listen, lady, I don’t have any lesbian erotica”, he said, with that same sexy smirk that made her wet in an instant. She was embarrassed, but forced herself to play along. “I suppose you’re not my masseuse either?”, she joked. “Wrong again, m’lady. Now you know my true identity.” He chuckled, baring his perfect teeth. Amanda had the urge to jump his bones right then and there, but she held back.

He ushered her to the massage table where she dropped her towel, exposing her perfect breasts and hardened nipples. She hesitated for a moment, half expecting him to ravish her almost-naked body. When he didn’t, she slowly lowered herself onto the massage bed.

Chills ran down her spine when he touched her shoulders. She could not hide her attraction to him, her body would sell her out, she just knew it. He leaned down and whispered “you need to relax” so close that his lips brushed her ear, and she could feel her clit throbbing with desire. He began the massage at her shoulders, an orgasmic experience on its own. She moaned, unintentionally, and she heard him chuckle softly. She was glad she had her back to him as her face turned bright red. What was it about this guy?

His hands made their way down her body, her shoulders, her arms, her back, and, eventually, her ass. By this point she couldn’t stop her body from responding. She knew that if someone were to walk past their closed door, they’d think the two of them were in the midst of some sensual fucking with the way she moaned. She turned her head a little when he started massaging her perfect ass and noticed that he was sporting a rock hard boner. She let out a giggle and he met her eyes. Now, it was his turn to blush. He went back to massaging and made his way lower and lower down her ass until he was touching the wet spot on her panties.

“Huh, so you aren’t a lesbian after all.” She could hear the smirk in his voice. She laughed, “What made you think tha-” and then she remembered the library incident. Her thoughts were cut short when he pulled back her panties and started slowly fingering her wet pussy. Her moaning grew louder.

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One finger, two, three, and she propped her ass up in a sort of half-downward dog position and started humping his fingers until he just stopped… She looked back, confused, and caught a glimpse of his enormous cock as slipped his trousers off. The next thing she knew he was kneeling on the massage bed behind her. He filled her pussy with his boner and began thrusting, and her moans turned into shouts of pure bliss. Of course, this was a work place, and so the masseuse reached forward and covered Amanda’s mouth with his hand, muffling her moans and turning her on even more.

This guy was hard and fast, his hips slapped against her ass with each thrust as his enormous cock forced its way into her tight pussy. Through the muffled moans, Amanda managed to say “turn over”, to which her temporary lover happily obliged. He turned Amanda only her back so that they were facing each other, and Amanda subsequently turned on him, so that she was on top of him, riding his cock with the same hard and fast vigour with which he rode her.

She moved her hips like a Bollywood dancer, massaging his dick with her pussy while he filled her. Now, he was the one moaning, and she returned the favour of covering his mouth with her hand. Now, the two of them were humping chaotically, with hands over each other’s mouths, muffling screams of pleasure. Although, this did more to turn them on than to silence them, because nothing could quieten their extreme pleasure. They grew louder and louder as they felt themselves verging on orgasm, and the two of them screamed in unison as they came. The masseuse filled Amanda with cum as she shook violently. And with that, the massage bed crashed down beneath them. There was certainly no way that no one had heard them, but Amanda didn’t mind; This was a massage she would remember forever.

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