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Escort First Time

First time with an Escort? These tips will help you relax and enjoy it

Hiring an escort for the first time should be exciting – regardless of why you are wishing to hire them. That said, if you have never hired an escort before, the likelihood is that you will feel nervous and might forget anything you’ve ever read regarding the correct protocol.

Escorts will know if it is your first time and will generally try to make you feel very relaxed and welcome both on the phone and in person. After all, they are providing a service which you are paying for. That said, they do expect a level of professionalism and politeness from you, and there are certain unwritten rules that you must quickly learn and abide by at all times.

The Booking: ‘Hello, how can I help you?’

If you are engaging with a high-class escort agency such as Red Door Agency for the first time, you will likely have a number of questions. These will be met by one of our expert receptionists. The receptionists can answer any of your questions and work with you to ensure that your booking lives up to your expectations.

The first time for a new client can be exciting and exhilarating, but it can also be a nerve-wracking. There are an endless variety of reasons why people ultimately choose to approach an escort. In some cases, people are simply too busy to dedicate too much time to finding romantic partners. In these instances, an escort can provide some much-needed physical intimacy.

In other cases, an escort might be hired to accompany someone while they are socialising. When attending certain types of business or social networking events, having an attractive man or woman on your arm can be quite an important status symbol.

The following are some of the most common questions and concerns that people have when they first consider approaching an escort agency. If you are nervous about the whole thing then hopefully reading this article will help to alleviate your concerns and put your mind at ease. Remember, the reason you should work with Red Door Agency is because our receptionists can help you select the ‘perfect’ companion to ensure your fantasy is just as amazing in reality. It also ensues the safety of the companion and the client by taking all the nerves around the escort being safe, sane and with a clear bill of health.

Pricing: ‘What will it cost?’

Pricing structures can vary depending on the service and your requirements. Some escorts will charge you for their time, regardless of what you do with it. Others will charge you different rates for different activities. Speak to the receptionist beforehand to ensure that you are both clear on the expected charges.

It is important to note that there is no set price for escorts – prices will vary between individuals and is negotiated before your booking with the expert receptionist. You should have a good idea of what the price will be before you meet with your escort. As most professionals, escorts have a life outside of work and, therefore, a schedule to keep. They will need you to be where you say, when you say you will be there.

Anticipation: ‘How do I deal with my nerves?’

It is perfectly natural to feel nervous before you see an escort for the first time. The kind of worries and anxieties that people often feel are similar to those that we feel when entering intimate situations with someone new. But what is the healthiest way to deal with nerves?

The nature of most people’s interactions with their escorts, and the kind of locations that they usually work in, mean that alcohol is often on hand. While it can be tempting to turn to alcohol as a means of coping with the nerves, alcohol can cause its own problems. For one thing, alcohol can impair your judgment and while a little alcohol is an effective social lubricant, too much can easily lead to a negative experience.

However most high class escorts are experts at putting their clients at ease. These ladies are intelligent and social and will be able to help you relax the moment you meet.

Nerves can be fun though, use them, enjoy the anticipation. You are in for an incredible time. That’s all you really need to know.

Dress: ‘What will they wear?’

Whether you are planning to arrange to meet the escort at an event, or you want to meet them at your home beforehand and then head out together, most clients prefer that their escort not show up in a mini skirt, a tight tee-shirt, and absurdly high heels. Escorting is a career which demands discretion. Because of this, you can be confident that any escort you hire through a reputable service will be discreet and will understand the importance of remaining anonymous.

If discretion is important to you then it is even more important than usual that you make sure you investigate and vet any service that you are considering using. The most well-established and popular services, such as Red Door Agency, come with a guarantee of discretion.

Clothing Optional: ‘What will they wear behind closed doors?’

When it comes to the more intimate part of the evening – assuming that is on the cards – escorts will generally be happy to dress according to the client’s preferences. As always, if you have any specific preferences or tastes in this regard, you should discuss it with the receptionist and they will do their best to make it happen for you.

Remember, it is perfectly natural to be worried and nervous about hiring an escort for the first time. Many people have the wrong image of escorting. The industry as it exists today is a safe and regulated one. If you hire an escort through Red Door Agency, you can be confident that everything is above board and our receptionists will ensure a safe and sexy experience.

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