Make Out Monday: First Kiss

First Kiss with a Sydney Escort

This is our first ever Make Out Monday as we launch Red Door Agency’s new blog. Check back every day for new fun, sexy and downright naughty blogs with a Sydney Escort. We are even bringing back the old school forum’s from the Penthouse of yesteryear on our Frisky Fridays, and you won’t want to miss the sex tips from our girls. Find out what makes them wet and wild between the sheets. Or on the tabletop. Or in a lift. Each

Monday we get to show case some of Sydney’s finest young companions. And you know what the BIG SECRET in town according to them? Women love to know how much their man simply wants to hang out and make out! Here’s the HOT GOSSIP, boys… Did you know ‘making out’ is an American term cloned in the 1940’s?

Escort In Sydney Sydney Escort

Make Out Monday, you might ask, what’s this got to do with our gorgeous girls? Well our research shows when you are with a woman and making out it is just as good for you as a big session in the gym. Do you want to know why? Think about this. Why does it feel so damn good to just kiss? Well it turns out it releases a whole lot of goodies for our body and is addictive, in a good way.

We all know that endorphins are chemicals that are released in our bodies after exercising, that’s why we love to exercise. But did you know similarly we get an endorphin rush during a MAKE OUT session?

Along with oxytocin and dopamine, which make you feel affection and euphoria, kissing releases serotonin- another feel good chemical. And to top all this off it’s good medicine for your body. When we kiss, thanks to the chemicals it releases, we can decrease stress levels, relieve pain, and bring on a feeling of happiness in your life. Kissing can even boost your immune system, boost your mood and burn calories.The simple physical touching of lips activates your brain, which responds by shooting off feel-good happy chemicals.

What drives you crazy when a stunning woman is really into kissing you?

Are you into the whole physical playfulness? Hugging, bum groping, petting on your neck, the gentle to & fro dance with tongue?

Is it true that making out can be more intimate than sex? Maybe. It is such a delicate way to get to know another person’s body’s likes, wants and needs.

Have you ever had that moment where you were left staring into a companion or Sydney Escort eyes and all you could think is “I want to kiss her”? Your mind transforms and the only thing you notice is the beauty in her face, every dimple, the brightness of her eyes, her mesmerising smile.

Time stands still for you while you glance at the pictures of the most gorgeous girl you have ever seen… You haven’t kissed her yet, but it’s all you can think about, all you can concentrate on.

Here is this week’s list of stunning companions all available for a make out session with you. Time to get that serotonin flowing, time for a visit from one of or Red Door Agency vixens.

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