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Bart needed to fuck.

He had recently broken up with his girlfriend. She was too young at 20. Bart, 22, wanted an older, more experienced woman. Bart was horny. He sat at his desk in his cubicle all day and thought only about fucking. He recently met an older woman in her 40s at a conference and had tried desperately to hook up with her, but she wasn’t interested.

Cruising the web, he spotted Lucy. My God, he wanted that woman. Curvy and older at 33, she reminded him of the older woman he wanted. Long hair that he could pull. Huge tits that he could bury his face into for a couple of hours. An amazing ass he could spank. Legs that would wrap around his body. Hell yes. He called Red Door and booked two hours for Lucy to come to his apartment.

When she arrived at his front door, she was wearing super tight jeans, high heels and low-cut chemise. He had requested that she wear no bra, and she certainly had not. Her nipples stood erect through the thin silk, and Bart’s dick, already hard, got even more erect.

“Come in,” Bart said, dressed only in a black robe.

“Hi, I’m Lucy,” she said.

Bart leaned in and pecked Lucy on the cheek, but she put her lips on his and passionately kissed him. His hands immediately cupped her tits, and Lucy wasted no time taking off her camisole. Bart had never seen more wonderful tits. Of course, he had only fucked three girls – and they were girls. Lucy was all woman.

“We’re going to have so much fun,” Lucy said.

“No doubt,” Bart said.

Kicking off her shoes, Lucy shimmied out of her jeans to show off her black thong. Turning around, she bent over a chair and stuck out her ass.

“I know what you want,” she said.

“Damn right,” Bart said, walking over and spanking her three times with his hand. “I like kink so get ready.”

Bart ripped off the thong and tossed the shreds on the floor as he removed his robe. Bending down, Bart spread Lucy’s butt cheeks and started licking around her anus. Lucy moaned. His tongue moved toward her pussy, teasing her full lips, and his fingers twirled on her clit.

“For fuck sake, you’re wet,” Bart said.

“All for you,” she said.

He had never felt such wetness.

“I have never done doggy style,” he said.

“Oh, today you will,” Lucy said.

Moving to the carpet, she got down on her hands and knees, spread her legs. Bart bent over her and slid his long cock into her super tight pussy. Unleashing his pent-up horniness, he fucked her hard and fast as he pulled her hair.

“Fuck me with all you’ve got,” Lucy said.

“Oh, baby, I am,” Bart said, thrusting harder than he ever had.

Unlike his previous girlfriends, Lucy didn’t say “Ouch” or “That’s too deep.” No, she was a real woman who could take the fucking Bart wanted.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” he yelled before unloading.

As he pulled out of her pussy, Lucy rolled over and took his dick into his mouth. Bart had never had a woman do that, and he watched in amazement as she licked every drop of cum off of his still-hard dick.

“I think I’m going to cum again,” Bart said.

“Please do,” Lucy said, glancing up at him and smiling.

She deep-throated his cock and fucked him with her mouth. He wailed like a primal animal as his orgasm erupted in her warm mouth.

“Oh my God, I’m in heaven,” he said. “I want to lick your pussy.”

“Don’t just lick, suck, eat, enjoy,” Lucy said, spreading her legs wide on the carpet.

She put her hands on the leg of a chair.

“Tie me up with your robe sash,” she said.

Bart did as she asked, feeling his dick bouncing back to erectness. Again. He buried his face between her legs, and his tongue plunged into her pussy. She tasted like sweet wine, and he thought he could easily become addicted to her juices. He looked at her clit as if it were a work of art, and Lucy let him. His girlfriends had always been so self-conscious that they usually wanted cunnilingus in the dark. But not Lucy. She lifted her hips and shoved her snatch right in his face.

His tongue and fingers worked her clit and pussy as she bucked her hips.

“Get ready for a shower, Bart,” Lucy said.

Within seconds, Lucy erupted with a squirting orgasm, dousing Bart’s face. He was stunned for a minute as he thought only porn stars could squirt. And he had watched plenty of porn. But coming back to earth, he lapped up her cum like a little boy eating birthday cake icing.

This was the kind of woman he wanted. Not just for a couple of hours, but every night. He would nail that stunning, older woman he met at the conference. But for now he had the magical Lucy to enjoy.

“I got to fuck you again,” he said.

“My pussy is all yours,” Lucy said.

Bart wasted no time, gliding in his dick and biting Lucy’s hard nipples until she squealed. But Bart didn’t even considering stopping as he pinched her nipples and thrusted his cock against her G-spot until he felt her cum.

“You are a cum machine,” he said.

“My favourite thing to do,” she said. “Your turn.”

Fucking her like he was never going to fuck again, he pounded her pussy hard and fast, cumming again.

“Three times,” he said, breathlessly. “I’ve never had such a fuck fest.” Lucy laughed. “Do you think it’s over? We’re just getting going. Lick me some more, boy toy.”

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