Afternoon Delight And Juices Flowing

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Tori noticed the man watching her peruse the lacy lingerie in the fetish boutique.

Tall with brown curly hair, he wore geeky black glasses, baggy jeans, and an oversize brown sweater. He looked like sloppy, professor, Tori thought. Innocent, but probably very naughty if you stripped him down and unleashed all of those pent-up sexual demons.

Tori smiled at him as she gently caressed a pair of burgundy mesh panties. She saw the man bite his plump kissable lips, and he quickly looked out of the store’s window. Tori moved away from the lingerie and studied some over-sized dildos. She needed a new one anyway, so she picked out one of her favourite over-sized pink dildos. The man still watched her.

“Hello,” Tori said, looking directly into his blue eyes.

“Hi,” he mumbled as his eyes roamed her curves.

It was impossible to ignore Tori’s petite, firm, hot body, and Tori knew it. She had pleasured plenty of men, and she had never received one complaint. Her tits were the kind men loved to suck and squeeze, and me couldn’t help but slap her perfectly round ass when they took her from behind or she was a bad girl.

One wealthy man from Paris couldn’t get enough of Tori. Whenever he visited Sydney, he would invite her to his hotel room and fuck her doggie style while she leaned on the balcony railing overlooking the city’s skyline. He’d spank her and make her call him, “Daddy.” He was a great fuck, and just thinking about him made her horny.

Back to reality, she realised the shy man had moved a bit closer to her. “I’m Tori,” she said.

“Wesley,” he said.

“What do you think of this?”

Tori held up a white, sheer babydoll dress.

“Pretty,” he said. “But I like latex.”

 “Oh, latex…like?”

Wesley walked over to a lime green crotchless body suit.

“More my style,” he said.

It was always the quiet ones, Tori thought, who like to push the sexual envelope. Luckily for him, she was game.

“I’ll try it on for you,” Tori said.

“No way,” Wesley said.

“I definitely will,” she said, taking the latex body suit from him.

Tori strutted toward the back of the store to a dressing room with a huge mirror. She shimmied out of her yellow slip dress and her white silk panties. On this warm day, she opted to go braless. Once Toriwas naked, she leaned out of the door and waved her finger at Wesley inviting him to the dressing room.

“Want to watch?” she asked.

Wesley’s eyes open wide when he saw Tori’s stunning body, and all he could do was nod.

“Come in,” Tori said.

Wesley entered the dressing room, and his eyes roamed over Tori’s naked curves.

“Let’s put this baby on,” she said.

Tori wiggled into the tight latex body suit with built-in fuck-me heels. She made sure the slit near her clit was perfectly aligned. Zipping up the front, she pushed her tits together. Wesley stared, speechless. She knew he would.

“What do you think?” Tori asked, eyeing his raging hard-on.

“I think I wish we weren’t in this dressing room right now, and we were someplace else,” he said.

Walking closer to Wesley, she shut the dressing room door behind him and latched it.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Let’s play,” she said. “You like a girl in latex, and, well, I’m in latex. At your request.”

“We might be caught,” he said.

“There’s fun in that danger,” she said.

Tori sat down on the red cushioned bench in the dressing and spread her legs. The man sighed as he stared at Tori’s inviting bald pussy in the crotchless latex suit.

“Fuck, that’s an amazing snatch,” he said.

“All yours, if you want it,” she said, fingering herself while unzipping the top of the suit to reveal her gorgeous tits. Her nipples were hard and begging for hands-on attention.

Wesley was shy, and Tori knew to seize control. “Unzip your pants,” she said. “Let me see.”

He followed orders, and Tori smiled. His dick was large with girth, and she couldn’t wait to fuck him. Walking over to Wesley, Tori kneeled in front of him and started sucking his cock. She felt him hardening around her flicking tongue. Wesley moaned. She knew she could get him to cum in her mouth, but she wanted him in her.

Standing up, Tori grabbed his dick and led him toward the bench.

“Sit down,” she whispered.

In a flash, Tori straddled Wesley, and he pulled and pinched her nipples until she whimpered. Taking his cock into her hand, she glided him into her anticipating pussy. He gasped and pulled her brunette hair as she began to ride him wildly. Tori felt her body sweating in the latex.

“I’m going to come,” Wesley said.

“Please do,” Tori said.

Within seconds, she felt him erupt, and Tori clenched her pussy around Wesley’s dick as she orgasmed intensely. Gasping, she slithered off Wesley, collapsed on the carpeted floor, and spread open her legs.

“Dessert?” she asked.

“Are we going to get caught?” Wesley asked.

“So what if we do,” Tori said.

Wesley kneeled down and teased Tori’s sensational pink clit. His hands grasped her latex-covered legs as he drowned himself deeper in her juices. His tongue lashed her soaked pussy as his long fingers worked inside her, drumming that sweet G-spot in a mesmerising rhythm causing her to moan loudly as her body quivered passionately.

“You’re amazing,” she whispered.

“I want to fuck you again,” Wesley said.

Standing, Tori squirmed her way out of the green body suit. Wesley ran his hands all over her naked sweaty body and clenched her ass.

“Let’s go to a hotel,” she whispered. “And fuck all afternoon.”

“Seriously?” he asked.

“Dead serious,” Tori said, throwing on her dress and slipping into her stilettos. Tori left the latex cat suit in a pile on the floor and never looked back.

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