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Frisky Forums: Dancing at her window, naked

My apartment faces directly across from the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I am not usually into voyeurism but this gorgeous woman actually takes my breath away.

My erotic thoughts ran wild night after night when I started to imagine she could actually feel that I was watching her. To my surprise from last Friday evening and the following nights this beautiful girl has started dancing in front of her window. Wearing nothing but the hottest lacy lingerie ranging from black to deep red to white, but my favourite is the pink one. It looks so delicate and feminine, and I can do nothing but fantasize she is my sweet baby dancing for me.

On the fifth night of watching my beautiful girl, something was different my cock was already rock hard when she opened her blinds. This time she was wearing the hottest red lingerie and of course I waited in luscious anticipation for her to begin her usual dance routine. This time she did not dance instead she left the room with the light on and the blinds wide open.

Suddenly I heard a hard knock on my front door which completely startled me. What the hell? Without bothering with my underwear, I pulled on some jeans and tucked my cock away for a minute. When I answered the door, to my astonishment there stood this beautiful girl I had been watching wearing nothing but the red lingerie and stilettos. 

Standing at my door saying not a word she pushed past me and stormed into my kitchen.  I was too shocked to even stop her, so i pushed the front door shut and followed her to the kitchen. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked.

She stood in front of the sink, where I had been standing moments before with my cock in hand. 

“You watch me, don’t you?” she said in an accusatory tone, pointing at her window.

Annoyance, guilt and lust coalesced into an intense arousal that i knew would only be relieved by jerking off hard and fast.

“Yeah, why not? You show it to me almost every night.”

Suddenly this beautiful girl advanced on me in my dimly lit kitchen, putting both her hands on my chest and shoving me firmly against the sink…

“Do you think this beautiful body is for you?” she whispered into my ear.

In a croaky shocked voice I replied,  

“Why do you open your blinds every night and put on the most erotic dance show if you know I am looking at you?” 

With this response she took another step towards me. I was half expecting her to slap me, but Instead, she reached for my crotch and rubbed her hand along the length of my throbbing hard cock. 

“My name is Alina, and I think this belongs to me,” she replied. 

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