Fetishes Do Come True

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Roland took a long drag on his cigarette.

He couldn’t wait for Amelia to show up. He had requested three things: huge tits, a golden shower and someone who understood his fetish. At 50, he had never has all of those in one woman.

Looking in the mirror, Roland studied his tall, lanky frame dressed in a pink lacy bra, matching panties and white thigh high stockings. He had bought special black pumps with feathers on them. His makeup was perfect. He had spent years perfecting the pink lipstick, the black eyeliner and fake lashes.

A knock on the door startled him. It was really happening. Taking a deep breath, Roland glanced in the mirror one more time, and then opened the door. Amelia, an amazingly beautiful, lithe woman with curves in just the right places, smiled at him. She was dressed in a black mini dress and leather thigh high boots. Her red lips glistened with gloss, and her long blond hair flowed over her voluptuous breasts.

“Hello, baby” Roland said.

“Hi,” Amelia said. “You look fantastic.”

“And you,” he said. “Please come in.”

“Lived here long?” Amelia said, noticing the cardboard boxes in a corner.

“Two months,” he said. “I haven’t gotten fully unpacked. Please forgive the mess, and I am more than ready to fuck everywhere in this place.”

“I won’t be looking at the mess,” she said, eyeing the bulge in the pink satin panties. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Several white pillar candles burned throughout the dim room, and red satin sheets awaited on the turned-down bed. Amelia turned her back to Roland, and he walked over, pulling her close to him. She felt his incredibly hard, and large dick, press into her back. His warm, soft hands unzipped her dress, and he teased Amelia’s taut nipples.

“Fantastic,” he whispered, unclasping the bra. “Shimmy out of those panties.”

Amelia shook her firm ass as the G-string fluttered to the floor.

“Bend over,” Roland ordered. 

Doing as she was told, Amelia bent over, and Roland spanked her hard. “That’s because you are about to be very naughty.”

“I’m always a bad girl,” Amelia said.

She turned around and faced Roland, who looked more like a woman than a man. He kept on his lingerie and pulled his dick out of the top of his panties. Amelia knew what to do. Kneeling on both knees, she put her red lips around his dick. Sucking and licking, Amelia consumed him as he ran his fingers through her hair and twisted her nipples. He moaned as she consumed more and more of his cock. She felt him about to cum, and he pulled out of her mouth, erupting all over her tits.

“Rub it in,” Roland said, rubbing his cock on her nipples

Amelia did as he said, and then continued licking him until he was firm again. Bending her over the bed, Rolandd thrust himself into her tight, wet pussy, pounding Amelia who bucked wildly.

“Fuck, I love big titties,” Roland said, twisting her nipples.

“They are all yours,” she said as he pulled them so hard she squealed.

Roland exploded again inside Amelia as he felt her intense orgasm quake through their bodies.

“You are so good,” Amelia said.

“Your pussy is heaven,” Roland said. 

In a flash, he turned her around and pushed Amelia onto the bed. Spreading her long, firm legs, he bent down and licked her clit and fingered her asshole.  His tongue was long, and he knew how to use it to make her tingle. Her clit swelled, and he slid two of his long fingers into her pussy and another finger in her ass, massaging her G-spot and anus in a mesmerizing rhythm.

“Your fingers,” she moaned.

“I’m a bass player,” he said.

Amelia growled as Roland rubbed her clit harder and faster until she squirted, soaking the sheets.

Standing up, Roland pulled up his panties and looked in the mirror reapplying his lipstick. He ran his hands through his short blond spiky hair, and Amelia watched him, intrigued.  He moved to the bed and lay down.

“I’m ready,” he said.

Amelia inched her way toward him, straddling him. She felt his dick getting hard again, but she stood up on her knees and sat on his face. He flicked her pussy with his tongue, and then Amelia shifted her body, squatting over Roland’s dick. Roland watched intently as she peed on his pink panties. The warmth turned him on, and within seconds, he was hard again from his soaked panties. 

“I’ve always wanted that,” he said.

Grabbing her hand, Roland took Amelia into the bathroom, filling the bathtub with hot water and lavender bubble bath.

“Let’s fuck again,” Amelia said, feeling extremely horny after the golden shower.

“Oh, we are,” Roland said.

He took off his lingerie and tossed them onto the floor before entering the oversized antique tub with claw feet. Amelia unzipped her boots and threw them into the bedroom. Roland moaned as she entered the tub and straddled him. Slipping his hard and ready cock into her, Amelia loved his girth and length and tightened her pussy around him as they kissed.

Roland reached for a bar of soap and massaged Amelia’s tits. “You’ve got sugar tits, delicious and sweet,” he said.

“You have one of the biggest dicks I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking,” Amelia said.

He smiled as she rhythmically moved her up and down on his cock as water splashed throughout the bathroom. Squeezing her breasts, Roland came again.

Amelia slithered out of the tub and lay down on the shaggy purple bath rug. Amelia spread her legs and began rubbing her clit furiously, making herself cum quickly. Exiting the tub, Roland stood over Amelia. He put his dick in his hand and peed on Amelia’s well-toned stomach.

“Oh no,” she said, smiling flirtatiously. “We’re going to have to take another bubble bath.”

“Let’s go!” Roland said, slipping back into the warm water.

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