Frisky Friday Forums - Olivia Perry of Red DOor Agency Wants A Quickie More Than A Beer

Frisky Forums: Forget The Beer, She’ll Take A Quickie

It had been a minute since Olivia Perry had popped into the old corner pub that she often passed on her way from Point A to Point B.

The legendary watering hole had a reputation for never-changing, not glamourous, hip, or swanky, the kind of pub you stop in for a beer or two before going home for the night. And that suited Olivia just fine. She was tired from work. Tired from an afternoon of fucking a wealthy businessman from Hong Kong.

A stout sounded perfect. In fact, it sounded fucking heavenly. Usually, Olivia preferred expensive bubbly champagne in a crystal flute or a vintage pinot in an artisan hand-blown wine glass, but not tonight. She just wanted to be an ordinary girl drinking an ordinary beer in a dark pub.

Olivia sashayed through the door, her long blond hair flowing down her back. She wore a tight black mini dress that perfectly hugged her dreamy curves. The plunging neckline flashed just enough of her beautiful size D tits that she knew men would look. Not that attention mattered right then. After all, she had spent the last four hours fucking the Hong Kong businessman giving him a bl*w j*b in the shower that blew his mind especially when she let him cum all over her face.

He couldn’t get enough of taking Olivia from behind classic doggie style, not once but twice, while he slapped her voluptuous ass and pulled her taut nipples so hard they still stood at full attention through her lacy black bra. She loved every minute of it.

An older man in his late fifties caught Olivia’s eye as she sat down at the wooden bar. Silver flowing hair framed his handsome tanned face, and professorial glasses highlighted his blue eyes. He smiled at Olivia, and his twinkling eyes fell on her tits – and stayed there. The bartender, too, was mesmerized by Olivia. But she was used to it. She was beautiful and confident, and men were automatically drawn to her.

“A stout, whatever’s on tap,” she told the bearded, tattooed cute bartender.

The older man watched Olivia intently. She wondered – play coy or go bold. After her beer arrived, she took a sip and sashayed to the stool next to the man.

“I’m Olivia,” she said.

“I’m Nick,” he said.

“I think you like what you see,” Olivia said.

“Very much,” he said.

She caressed her neck and let her hand drop delicately around the curve of her breast. She may have fucked the Hong Kong businessman only a couple of hours earlier, but sitting next to this mysterious man, her pussy tingled with wet possibilities.

“What do you do, Nick?”

“Financing, futures forecasting, fucking,” he said, bluntly, taking a long swig of whiskey.

Olivia smiled and licked her crimson lips. “My type of man,” she said.

Nick wasted no time, sliding his hand up Olivia’s bare thigh.

“You can move it higher,” she whispered. “If you want.”

“I want,” he said.

Olivia inched her bar stool closer to Nick’s, and his hand slipped into her silk panties as his fingers inched toward her clit. She bit her lip as their electricity zinged.

“I think you’re quite primed to go,” Nick said.

“Are you?” Olivia asked.

Nick took Olivia’s hand and placed it near his zipper. He was hard, very hard. The beer she longed for no longer interested her. This man did.

“Let’s go,” Olivia said.

“Go do what?” Nick asked.

“Fuck,” she said.

“Where?” he asked.

“Follow me,” she said.

Nick left cash for the bartender and followed Olivia to the back of the bar. She led him through a door and to a staircase.

“I know the owner,” Olivia said, leading Nick to the second floor.

She opened a door into a large, storage closet filled with bar supplies. Wasting no time, Olivia slipped out of her dress, and Nick ran his hands over her shapely body.

“You’re gorgeous,” Nick said.

“And horny,” she answered.

Within seconds, he buried his face into her delectable tits, sucking and biting her pert nipples.

“I love that,” she said.

Olivia unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. In a flash, Nick tore off her black panties, and she wrapped her long legs around his waist and guided Nick’s dick into her tight pussy.

“You’re so damn wet,” he said.

“All for you,” Olivia said as Nick quickly plunged into her.

“You are a very naughty girl,” Nick said. “Fucking a stranger you just met.”

“You have no idea,” Olivia said, her blond hair bouncing with every thrust.

Within minutes, Nick began losing control. Olivia sensed it. She pulled away from him, and immediately put his hard dick in her mouth, sucking Nick to an explosive climax. Leaning across a stack of rum boxes, Nick tried to catch his breath.

Olivia spied a black leather office chair in a corner of the room. She walked over to it, sat down and spread her legs wide. She licked her finger and started teasing herself.

“Oh God,” Nick whispered.

Olivia worked her fingers faster and faster in her pussy as Nick watched in amazement. She gasped and moaned, and within seconds, she squirted an arc of her own juices.

“I’ve never seen a woman do that in real life,” Nick said.

“Now you have,” Olivia said, getting up and dressing quickly.

She picked up the pair of ripped panties from the floor and handed them to him before kissing him on the cheek.

“A souvenir,” she said.

“I must see you again,” Nick said urgently.

“We’ll see,” Olivia said. She bolted quickly before Nick gathered his bearings enough to follow the sex goddess who left him yearning for more. Oh, so much more.

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