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Frisky Forums: Hold All Mr. Henderson’s Calls, Alina’s Coming

Mr. Henderson only wanted to be called Mr. Henderson.

By his wife, his business associates, and even his lovers.

Unlike some of his friends, Mr. Henderson, who was in his 60s, had never lost his desire for sex as he had gotten older, and after a successful business deal, he needed a good night of fucking.

Preferring petite women, Mr. Henderson desired Alina. They had fucked once but their time together was cut short because he was called to an unexpected business meeting. Not this time. He had cleared his agenda for the brunette with a tight pussy, toned ass and a mouth that sucked his dick like a porn star. He just needed more and more time with that exquisite creature.

Taking the last sip of whiskey, he donned his silk robe from India and waited for Alina to arrive. He kept an apartment – the “naughty playpen”, he called it – in Sydney and preferred it to the mansion he shared with his wife in Perth.

Alina rang the bell, and Mr. Henderson couldn’t answer it quickly enough.

“Hello, lovely,” he said, taken by her beauty.

“Hello, Mr. Henderson,” Alina said.

She wore a silver slip dress with a plunging neckline highlighting her delicious tits and matching high heels. Mr. Henderson smiled. She wouldn’t be dressed like that for long. Walking toward her, he pressed her against the door and kissed her passionately. Reaching inside his robe, she grabbed his cock and stroked it.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard tonight,” he whispered.

“I hope so,” she said.

Wiggling out of her dress, Alina wore a beige bra with black lace trim and matching thong, garters, and thigh high stockings.

“Turn around,” he said.

“Yes, Mr. Henderson,” Alina said.

He smacked her ass with his hand, and said, “You will be very naughty tonight.”

“I plan to be,” she said.

Alina unclasped her bra and Mr. Henderson’s fingers clenched her nipples before spanking her again.

“Strip,” he ordered. “I want you naked, and I want my cock in you.”

Alina slinked out of her lingerie and left it in a pile by the front door. Mr. Henderson dropped his robe to show a ready-to-go erection.

“Bend over the library table,” he barked.

Doing as she was told,Alina bowed over the cherry wood table and grasped the table’s edge. Mr. Henderson’s fingers teased her asshole as he glided his dick into her tight, wet snatch.

“Baby girl, spread those legs” he said.

He kissed her neck and squeezed her magnificent tits in time with his thrusting. Everything about Alina was perfect. So wonderful. He felt her increasing wetness against his dick.

“You fucking came, sneaky bitch,” he said.

“Yes sir, I did,” Alina said.

Mr. Henderson rammed his dick into Alina, harder and faster until he spilled his cum in his goddess. When he pulled out, Alina bent down on her knees and licked his well-endowed dick. Mr. Henderson studied her and felt himself getting hard again. Massaging his balls, Alina took him fully in her mouth.

“I could fall in love with a woman like you,” he said.

He came again, and Mr. Henderson grabbed Alina’s hand and led her to his palatial bathroom. He turned on the hot water and stepped into the marble shower. Alina followed him into the pulsating water. Mr. Henderson lathered up a bar of lemon soap and began to massage Alina’s tits before moving down to her clit. His experienced fingers moved rapidly.

“I need you to orgasm,” Mr. Henderson commanded.

“Keep doing that,” Alina said.

Alina closed her eyes, arched her back and came repeatedly in the shower. Turning off the water, Mr. Henderson opened the door and stepped out.

“Lie on the rug, I’ve got to eat dessert,” he said.

Sprawling on the oversized white rug, Alina spread her legs and Mr. Henderson’s tongue plunged deep into her pussy. Cunnilingus was Mr. Henderson’s favourite thing in the world. He ate pussy at least three times a week and would have preferred it every day of his life. Alina’s pussy was deliciously taut, her clit swelling in his mouth with every lick.

“Mr. Henderson, you’re the best ever,” Alina said.

And she meant it. Older and wiser, Mr. Henderson knew how to pleasure a woman unlike any other man. She ran her hands through her brown hair and teased her nipples as she quivered from his long tongue diving into her. Quivering, she came so hard that she almost forgot her name.

Mr. Henderson stood, walked over to a small refrigerator, and retrieved a bottle of Pierre Péters Les Chetillons champagne.

“Popping the cork like your pussy just popped,” Mr. Henderson said.

“I think you popped a couple of times earlier, Mr. Henderson,” Alina said.

“Touché, baby girl,” Mr. Henderson said, pouring the golden bubbles into two glasses.

He lay down beside Alina on the rug and poured a bit of champagne on her nipple. His full lips licked her nipple.

“You’re going to get me excited again,” she said.

“I hope so,” he said placing the champagne glass to her lips and letting her take a few sips.

Again, he poured more champagne and sucked her hard nipples. Instinctively, Alina slid her hand between her legs and began tapping her clit.

“Here, baby girl, I want to do that,” Mr. Henderson said.

He put his hand over hers and together they found a rhythmic dance with their fingers as Alina bucked suddenly and squirted across the room.

“That’s better than champagne any day of the week,” Mr. Henderson said, wasting no time putting down his glass and lapping up the sweet juices between her legs.

“Stay here,” he said.

Mr. Henderson walked out of the room and returned with a long, red velvet box.

“For you,” he said.

Alina’s opened the box. She gasped when she saw the beautiful diamond bracelet.

“From now on, baby girl, you only need to wear that when we fuck,” he said.

Alina smiled, slipping on the bracelet and embracing Mr. Henderson with a passionate kiss.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” she said.

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