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Frisky Forums: The Erotic Indulgence of a Painter and His Muse

Natalia noticed the older man watching her as she walked past the café every morning.

Handsome with an air of confidence, she wondered if he was an actor or model. He looked around 40, and a black notebook always sat to the left of his coffee cup. One sunny morning as she took her usual path, the man said, “Good day.”

“Hello,” Natalia said.

“I’m Oliver,” he said.

“Natalia,” she said, removing her large oversized sunglasses and slightly flipping back her ebony hair.

An awkward silence stirred between them. Finally, bold and aggressively, Natalia said, “Buy me a cup of coffee?”

“I’d love to,” Oliver said.

She sat down at the small round table as Oliver motioned for the server.

“I’m a Scorpio,” Natalia said.

“Interesting,” Oliver said. “I’m a painter.”

Natalia laughed. “I meant, that’s my astrological sign.”

“I know what you meant,” Oliver said. “Gemini.”

“Scorpios and Geminis are naturally attracted to each other,” Natalia said.

“The stars must have aligned for you to cross my path, because you have certainly become my muse,” Oliver said, opening his sketchbook to Natalia.

Flipping through the pages, Natalia realized most of the drawings were of her – smiling at a stranger, wearing her big floppy red boho hat, bending over to pick up a flower on the sidewalk someone had dropped.

“Wow,” she said. “I’m flattered.”

“I have a proposition,” Oliver said.

“Do you now?” Natalia asked. Men always said such things to her.

“I want you to pose for me in my studio,” he said as his eyes fell on her tight, white tank top that snugged her braless DD tits. “I’ll pay you well, but there’s one condition.”

“If you are about to say ‘in the nude…?’ Natalia said.

“I am,” Oliver said.

“I’m so game,” she said.

Oliver’s mouth opened, shocked by her response.

“Seriously?” he asked.

“I hate clothes,” she said. “Forget the coffee, let’s go.”

Oliver placed some money on the table and wasted no time slinging his messenger bag across his chest. “My studio is just around the corner and up two blocks.”

Natalia loved an adventure, and this sounded full of escapades.

Oliver’s studio was located in a two-story house in The Rocks, one of Sydney’s oldest neighbourhoods. Unlocking the door, Natalia stepped into a magical wonderland. A huge easel with a bare canvas sat in one corner of the room, and a burgundy Victorian couch filled another corner. A mammoth Oriental rug with deep golds and greens adorned the hardwood floors, and the room shimmered in emerald light courtesy of a lamp with a green crystal globe. Paintings of nude women, birds, and the harbor blanketed one wall, and mirrored tiles covered another wall. A hand-carved wooden folding screen stood erect near a fireplace.

“This is beautiful,” Natalia said.

“Thank you,” Oliver said. “Shall we get to work? Go behind the screen, undress and slip into the silk kimono waiting for you.”

Natalia sashayed toward the screen and wasted no time slipping on the gorgeous pink negligee embroidered with red flowers. Reaching into her bag, she put on some dark burgundy lipstick and fluffed her hair. She left the kimono open and emerged. Oliver stared wide-eyed and gasped. He studied Natalia’s curves, and his eyes fell on her black landing strip. Natalia was the perfect muse.

“Lie down, and …” Oliver said.

Natalia interrupted him. “I know what I’m doing. You paint.”

She slinked onto the velvety lounge and the kimono fell away from her tits. Spreading her legs slightly, she teased Oliver with the fun that awaited him. Captivated by Natalia, he picked up his paintbrush. Creating only a few strokes, Oliver sensed Natalia closeness, her sweet breath on his neck. He turned, and Natalia, naked, was only inches away from him. Staring into her dark eyes, Oliver dropped his paintbrush.

Her long fingers toyed with her nipples, and Oliver’s buried his head into her inviting tits, his lips engulfing her nipples. Natalia took his hand and placed it between her warm thighs, her pussy drenched with anticipation.

“Are we going to fuck?” Oliver asked.

“What do you think?” Natalia asked, unzipping his jeans and freeing his rigid cock. “Can’t you feel how wet I am?”

Oliver threw his T-shirt on the floor and pushed Natalia onto the rug. Ramming his dick into her inviting snatch, their tongues intertwined in deep kisses. Fucking in a manic rhythm, Oliver’s toned body covered Natalia’s petite firm frame, and he pinned her wrists above her head.

“Fuck me faster,” she growled.

Oliver thrusted quick and deep, and Natalia’s pussy squirted so hard that he immediately lost control and flooded her. He pulled out, cum dripping from his hard dick, and positioned himself into 69. Natalia took his dick in her mouth, and he tasted delicious like red wine and chocolate. Oliver’s mouth consumed her swollen clit as his fingers played deep inside of her. Her body quivered wildly as she soaked his beautiful antique rug.

Lying spread eagle on the rug, Natalia’s pussy glistened in the light, and she ran her hand through her long hair. Satisfaction covered her glowing face. Oliver stood, staring down at his muse, and walked to a shelf, returning with a small, glass jar and paintbrush. Natalia watched him curiously.

“Now, to paint you,” he said.

He delicately covered Natalia’s nipples in a gold gel. The bristles tickled, and she immediately felt aroused again. She teased her clit until Oliver moved her fingers away and began dabbing her pussy with paint.

“It’s edible and tastes like honey,” Oliver said. “I plan to paint you over and over for hours, and I expect you will cum over and over.”

Natalia sighed with pleasurable ecstasy. She had never experienced anything so erotic. Being a muse suited her, even for an afternoon.

“Cumming is my second favourite thing to do,” she said.

“What’s your first?” Oliver asked.

“Fucking, of course,” she said, smiling.

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