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Tiffany was ready for adventure. 

Shimmying into a leather mini skirt and an old school INXS t-shirt, she slipped on thigh high red leather boots. Tiffany looked in the mirror, put on a bit more red lipstick and fluffed her long blond hair. Trouble – the fun kind – awaited.

Catching a cab, Tiffany decided to go to Little Felix for a French 75. Once she went there and a handsome man from Canada introduced her to the drink. She loved it.

For a Friday night, Little Felix, a French-style cocktail bar, was surprisingly slow. Tiffany sat at a small table for two near the bar. A cute petite blond server with a peacock tattoo on her wrist approached the table. Tiffany thought she looked particularly yummy and wondered what she was like in bed.

“I’m Helena and I will be taking care of you,” she said.

“I’m Tiffany and I would love a French 75.”

“Fantastic choice,” Helena said.

Out of the corner of her eye, Tiffany noticed an older man with grey spiky hair sitting at the bar, eyeing her. He looked familiar like an old friend you may have known as a kid but had aged just enough that he was unrecognisable. Tiffany flashed her dazzling smile in the man’s direction.

“You appear alone,” he said in a British accent.

“You guessed correctly,” Tiffany said.

“Mind some company?” he asked.

“Very bold of you, but you read my mind correctly. I would love for you to join me.”

The man, dressed in blue jeans, a black t-shirt and a grey sports coat, picked up his martini glass and sat down beside Tiffany.

“Doc Martins,” she said, noticing his boots. “I like your look.”

“And yours,” he said. “INXS. Loved them.”

“Me too,” Tiffany said. “A bit before my time.”

“Not mine,” he said. “I knew the band.”

“For real?”

“Yes,” the man said. “I’m a musician.”

“No way,” Tiffany said. “What do you play?”

“I’m a singer actually,” he said. “I’ve had a hit or two.”

“Really? What songs?” Tiffany said, intrigued. “I’m Tiffany by the way.”

“Mark,” the man said. “Songs, oh, have you ever heard ‘Your Heart Is A Gun.’”

“Oh. My. God, no way,” Tiffany said. “You’re famous. I love that song.”

Tiffany wanted this man. She wanted him when their eyes first locked. And she really wanted him now. Taking his hand, she put it on her bare thigh right as Helena returned with the French 75.

“I see you two have become friends,” she said.

“Indeed,” Mark said. “I think we are going to get along just fine. I love your look. It’s like an 80s flashback.”

“I’m happy to be your groupie for the night,” Tiffany said.

Mark’s fingers drew circles on Tiffany’s thighs, and she felt tingling all over. Tiffany always went for what she wanted so she slyly put her hand very close to Mark’s dick. He was hard. Mark’s fingers moved upward toward Tiffany’s panties and he felt her wetness.

“I’m staying in a friend’s condo near here,” Mark said. “Would you be interested in …”

“Joining you there?” Tiffany said, finishing his sentence. “Definitely.”

“Let’s finish these drinks and go,” he said.

Mark downed his martini, got up from the table, walked toward Helena, and paid the check. By the time he returned Tiffany had finished her drink and was in a horny frenzy. She could not wait to fuck this man. They walked quickly to the condo three blocks away, saying nothing. Sexual anticipation growing with each step.

Using the security keypad by the door, Mark punched in some numbers. Within seconds, they were in the elevator headed toward the eleventh floor. Right before the door opened, Mark leaned over and kissed Tiffany. Their tongues coiled around each other erotically.

“Good God, I want to fuck you,” Mark said.

“Let’s go,” Tiffany challenged.

Once inside the condo, Tiffany unzipped her skirt and slipped out of her INXS shirt. Braless, Mark’s hands zoomed in on her gorgeous tits, and his lips and fingers circled her nipples. Tiffany pushed him toward a high-back chair, and Mark sit down in it. Unzipping his pants, she pulled out his hard cock, kneeled down and took him completely in his mouth.

“For fuck sake that feels fucking wonderful,” he said.

But Tiffany didn’t want to give him a blowjob. Yet. She straddled his cock and prepared to give this former rock star the best reverse cowgirl of his life. Grabbing her hips, Mark watched his cock slide in and out of Tiffany’s taut pussy. He teased her asshole with his finger.

“I love that,” Tiffany whispered.

With enthralling rhythm, Tiffany fucked him until she felt him cum hard inside of her.

“Good God, I haven’t felt like this in years,” he said as Tiffany turned around and straddled him again facing him.

“Oh, we’re not done,” she said, fucking his dick with passionate fury.

“You’re going to make me come again,” he said.

“Yes, I am,” Tiffany said, confidently. “I love fucking, and I especially like fucking you.”

Mark growled ferociously as he felt himself losing complete control and exploding inside of the sexual goddess riding his cock. Pulling away from him, Tiffany laid down on the lambskin rug and spread her long legs still covered in her thigh high boots. She massaged her clit and stared into Mark’s stunning green eyes. She planned to spend the entire night with this attractive singer.

“Do you want me to watch you or do you want me to participate?” he asked.

“Gentlemen’s choice,” Tiffany said, gliding her finger into her pussy and then sucking it.

“For fuck’s sake, do you drive every man you meet crazy?” Mark asked.

“Just about,” Tiffany said. “I can’t wait for you to taste me.”

Mark smiled, but before he could enjoy a drop of Tiffany’s deliciousness, a knock rapped on the front door.

“Are you kidding me?” Tiffany said. “You were expecting company?”

Mark stuck his dick back in his jeans and zipped up as he headed toward the door.

“Don’t move,” Mark said, opening the door. “Come in.”

There was Helena, the cocktail server, standing in the room.

 “I felt the chemistry between all of us and made an executive decision,” Mark said.

“Three’s more fun, don’t you think?” Helena said. Tiffany smiled. “So who is going to eat my pussy first?”

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