Frisky Friday Tom And His Russian Doll's Sexual Surprises

Frisky Forums: Tom And His Russian Doll’s Sexual Surprises

On the flight from Kazakhstan to Sydney, Tom booked his appointment.

He often perused the Red Door site, and he wasn’t a newbie to the mesmerising sexual skills of the beautifully stunning women.

But as he studied the site, he noticed a new woman who made his dick tingle immediately with desire. Maybe it was the red satin thong that highlighted her scrumptious ass. Or her muscular legs that he knew could match his in naughty entanglement. He couldn’t wait to bury his face into her long blond hair and pin her arms above her head as he fucked her for hours.

Sveta was her name, and the best thing of all? She was Russian. An American who travelled the world as a war correspondent, he had fucked women in every port, but he loved Russian women the best. He booked her immediately, asking that Sveta be waiting in the hotel lobby when he arrived in a few hours.

“I want her in the red satin lingerie from the picture, wearing only a fur coat over it,” Tom requested. “Tell her to bring toys.”

By the time he arrived at the Shangri-La Hotel at midnight, Tom’s horniness was barely containable. He was ready to GO. He had booked the Sydney Harbour Suite, his favourite, where he had experienced plenty of previous pussy pleasure with gorgeous women. His blue eyes quickly scanned the lobby, and he spotted her, standing seductively by a red painting in a white frame. Sveta was picture perfect. Quickly checking in, he wasted no time approaching this Russian doll, his cock hardening with every step.

“Hello, love,” he said, kissing the women on both cheeks

“Hello,” she said in that Russian accent that could make him do anything.

“Shall we go up?” he said.

“I shall get you up,” Sveta said.

“You already have,” Tom said.

In the elevator, she reached for his hand, teasing her fingers against his palm. He couldn’t wait to rip the black fur coat off of her and explore every inch of her. Sveta smiled at him, moving her hand toward his rock-hard dick. “Oh,” she said. “I like this.”

“You are going to like it even more,” he said.

The elevator door opened, and Tom sprinted to the room. Stepping in, he sighed happily.  Sydney Harbour’s brilliance never ceased to amaze him. Sveta closed the door behind, and Tom, forgetting about the twinkling skyline, turned toward her as Sveta’s coat fell onto the carpet.

Tom rushed toward her, pinning her to the door, as his hands pulled her tits out of the red bra and he sucked her ready-for-action nipples. His fingers teased the strings on her thong before they plunged into her inviting pussy.

“What do you want?” Sveta asked.

“You,” he said, pulling down her panties as she unclasped her bra.

Whipping out his cock, he didn’t bother to undress as he turned Sveta around and plunged into her from behind. Sveta moaned as she grabbed the door handle while Tom thrusted into her, releasing 14 hours of pent-up cum.

Pulling out from Sveta’s deliciousness, she kneeled down and began stroking his still-hard dick with her long tongue.

“Good God, woman,” he said grasping for her hair.

From Washington D.C. to Singapore, Tom’s dick had experienced the mouths of many women, but none like Sveta’s. She wrapped her tongue around his shaft while massaging his balls magically. He felt as if he were in a trance as Sveta made him erupt in her mouth. By the time she finished licking every drop off of his dick, Tom barely remembered he was in Sydney. Some would blame jet lag, but he knew it was the lusciousness of the Russian doll.

Sveta stood and pulled a large, pink dildo from the pocket of her fur coat.

“Play time,” she said.

She strutted over to the bed with white linens, kicked off her red fuck-me pumps, and elegantly spread her legs, revealing to Tom her perfect, pink rosebud clit.

“Wait,” he said, stripping out of his jeans, black button-down, and boots.

He slipped on to the bed and ate her pussy like a starved child. She tasted sweet, smelled delectable like jasmin, and he licked from her asshole to her swollen clit. She moaned with pleasure, whispered sweet-nothings in Russian, and squirted her delightful pussy juice repeatedly in his mouth. It tasted better than any gin on the planet, and Tom loved gin.

“You’re amazing,” he said.

“I’m Sveta,” she said, caressing his dark hair. “You watch me now.”

She slid the dildo into her cunt and rhythmically moved her toned hips up and down. Tom didn’t have to look down to see that his dick stood erect. Sveta took the dildo from her pussy and licked the tip of it before plunging it back into her dripping wetness. In and out, she fucked the dildo until Tom couldn’t stand it any longer. He took the dildo from her hand and tossed it toward the window overlooking the lights of Sydney.

“I’m better,” he said, ramming his dick into her.

“You are.”

Tom fucked Sveta with abandonment, the last few stressful work days vanishing from his mind with every slide into her.

“Talk dirty to me in Russian,” he said.

Sveta smiled. Tom knew Russian, and he loved every word Sveta said. She liked his long, thick dick. She liked a hard fuck. And she wanted more. Much more. He whipped her over, spread her ass, and tickled his dick around her asshole. He slid inch by inch into her tightness until she groaned.

“Yes,” she whispered.

He rubbed her clit for only a few seconds before she came, bucking wildly, as he pulled out and spewed his cum on her perfectly rounded ass.

Rolling over, she smiled, looking stunning in the amber light. “We need champagne and a bubble bath.”

Tom knew exactly what he needed. More than three hours with Sveta. More like three days.

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