Naughty Victoria Gets A Deserved Spanking

Naughty Victoria Gets A Deserved Spanking

It was her ass and tattoos that caught Chris’ eye in the bar.

A perfectly rounded ass, the kind that could take a good spanking while fucking her from behind. The kind that he liked. The kind that made him immediately rock hard.

And her tattoos. He loved a woman with tattoos. He had begged his wife to get one but she refused. Between a great ass and ink on her arms, Chris knew he had to fuck this woman.

Chris watched her across the restaurant as she strutted back to a table in the corner. She sat down with an older man – much older than him – and seemed happy. But he knew he could make her happier. He watched the woman intently. She wore black high heels, a short denim mini skirt and a red halter top that barely held her wonderful tits. Her long blond hair cascaded down her back. She must have sensed his stares because she suddenly looked his way, and Chris quickly glanced down at his beer. When he looked back at her, she was still staring.

Should he make a play for her while she was sitting with another man? Why the hell not? You only live once.

As if the universe heard him, the older man got up and hobbled to the bathroom. He could barely walk, and Chris knew that the old man probably couldn’t get rock hard like he could. No doubt, that woman needed a good fucking. Standing, Chris made a mad dash for the woman.

“Hello,” he said, approaching her table.

“Hi,” she said. “I’m Victoria.”

“Chris,” he said. “Is that your husband?”

Victoria laughed. “Hmm, as if it is any of your business.”

“Love your tattoos,” he said.

“Is that all?” Victoria asked, massaging the space between her breasts.

“No,” Chris said. “Look, even if that is your husband…”

“It’s not,” Victoria said. “Just a friend. For the evening.”

“Oh,” Chris said.

“I’ll be free in a couple of hours,” she said. “Want to have a drink then?”

“Sure, where?”

“Your place?” Victoria asked.

“I have a boat in the harbour,” Chris said.

“Oh, I like a rocking boat,” Victoria said.

“I like fucking on a boat,” Chris said.

Victoria winked. “You just tell me where.”

Chris gave her his boat’s slip number and walked back to his table with a raging hard-on. He watched the elderly man return to the table and Victoria whispered something in his ear. The man frowned and nodded before the pair made a quick exit. Chris was crestfallen. He had a feeling that this hookup wasn’t going to happen.

“Another one,” he yelled at the bartender.

To his surprise, he saw Victoria walk back into the bar and to his table. “I sent him home,” she said. “And you won’t be needing that drink you just ordered. Let’s go.”

Chris did as he was told and followed Victoria and her tight ass out the bar.

“How far is your boat?” she asked.

“A couple of miles,” Chris said.

“I can’t wait a couple of miles,” she said. “I put my friend in a taxi, and he left me this. Get in.”

Chris was shocked to see a black limousine in front of him. He opened the door and watched Victoria slide seductively into the velvet seat. In a flash, she was out of her clothing, her luscious tits inviting Chris to drown in them. She slyly parted her long legs, and Chris say her glistening, wet bald pussy.

He slid his head between her legs and licked her clit like an ice cream cone. She tasted like honey and he lapped up her wetness with vigour. Looking up at Victoria, Chris saw her teasing her nipples. This was a woman who knew what she liked unlike his wife who just laid still in bed while he fucked her. Wanting to push the boundaries, he slid one finger into her, then another and soon his whole hand was in her soaked pussy.

“Damn,” he said as he massaged her G-spot.

“Don’t stop,” she ordered.

He didn’t and Victoria soon exploded with a squirting orgasm, soaking Chris’ hand, and as he pulled out his finger, he dove into her pussy with his tongue drinking in all of her juices.

“Turn around and show me that fine ass,” he said.

Victoria stuck her ass in the air and Chris spanked it repeatedly. He loved spanking women, and one day he hoped to find someone – maybe Victoria – to go balls deep into BDSM. He wanted to tie her up and spank her with a paddle. She seemed like the kind of woman who would get into that. Chris thrusted his hard cock into Victoria’s soaked pussy, and he had never glided so easily into a pussy in his life. She was tight but wet, and he plunged as deep as he could while spanking Victoria’s ass repeatedly.

“Give it to me harder, baby,” Victoria said.

“Damn, yes” Chris said, fucking her as hard as he could.

Moaning, Victoria came again as Chris erupted in her, his warm cum running down her legs.

“Mmm, that was quite the load,” she said, turning around and taking his cock in her mouth.

Victoria sucked Chris’ dick until he got rock hard again, and as her tongue swirled around, Chris gasped as he felt himself cumming again in Victoria’s mouth.

“Oh fuck, I had no idea I could cum like that anymore,” Chris said.

“You just haven’t been with the right woman,” Victoria said.

“Obviously not,” he said.

Spreading her legs on the limo’s seat, Victoria teased her plump pink clit. Chris couldn’t take his eyes off of her fingers as she worked herself into a frenzy. He had never seen a woman pleasure herself with such fervour and it had been years since he had seen it at all. If his wife did this, she didn’t let him watch. In minutes, Victoria raised her hips off of the limo’s seat as she made herself cum.

“You’re stunning,” Chris said.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Victoria said. “Got anywhere to be?”

“Not at all,” Chris said, turning off his mobile phone. “I’ve got all night.”

Victoria knocked on the glass separating the limo’s back seat from its front. “To the harbour,” she ordered. “It’s time for me to christen that boat of yours.”

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