Simone's Unexpected Afternoon Surprise

Simone’s Unexpected Afternoon Surprise

Lisa strolled through the vintage store searching for some early 1970s clothes. Lately, she had been on a free love kick, and to be honest, she needed some love.

Her last boyfriend didn’t do it for her. She needed kinky, and he wanted cuddling. A decade ago, Lisa wouldn’t even look at a man. It was pussy she loved then, but a one-night stand with a guy who had a huge cock turned her back to men. Now, she was on the lookout for a woman.

Little did she know as she turned the corner in the funky boutique that she would see her dream girl. The tall, lithe blond with a short wavy bob studied a cute purse from the 1950s, and Lisa couldn’t quit staring at the woman.

She turned suddenly, sensing Lisa’s eyes on her, and smiled. “Hi, what do you think about this purse?”

Lisa was startled that such a stunning woman would even talk to her. “It is really cute,” was all Lisa could mutter.

“I think so, too,” Simone said. “What are you looking for?”

“Oh, some 1970s gypsy dresses,” Lisa said. “I’m a free spirit.’

Simone smiled. “I bet you are.”

Lisa felt chemistry brewing with this woman with perky tits and a tight ass.

“I’m Simone,” the blonde said.

“Lisa,” she said, noticing Simone was not wearing a bra and her nipples were alert and ready for sucking.

“Would you like to get a drink? There’s a pub around the corner,” Simone said.

“I would love a drink,” Lisa said, forgetting about her vintage clothing mission.

Simone threw the purse down on a loveseat and grabbed Lisa’s hand. “Let’s go.”

Lisa suddenly didn’t want a drink. She wanted to be naked with this woman. Like now.

“Would you like to have a drink at my flat?” Lisa said, boldly, going straight for what she wanted. “I just live a couple of blocks down.”

“Even better,” Simone said.

Feeling her pussy tingle, Lisa couldn’t wait for this beautiful woman to plunge between her legs. Hopefully, she would. Simone hummed a Beatles tune as she walked down the street and continued to hold Lisa’s hand.

When the pair arrived at Lisa’s front door, Lisa searched through her purse for her keys and as she did so, she felt Simone’s soft lips kissing her neck. “You want this, right?”

“Badly,” Lisa said.

Within seconds of entering the flat, Simone grabbed Lisa and their tongues entwined in a passionate kiss and Simone ran her hands over Lisa’s curves.

“Strip for me,” Simone said.

Lisa did as she was told, and Simone watched as the woman slipped out of her long peasant skirt and halter top. Simone smiled when she saw Lisa’s Double D tits and her shaved pussy.

“What do you want?” Simone asked.

Lisa walked toward the couch, sit down and spread her legs.

“Whatever you want to do,” Lisa said.

“I’m hungry,” Simone said, getting down on her knees and flicking her tongue ever so lightly over Lisa’s clit.

“Fuck yes,” Lisa said. “Eat all you want.”

Simone devoured Lisa, and the harder she licked and sucked, the juicier Lisa got. She slipped three fingers into Lisa’s pussy and hit the G-spot. With her expert fingers, she massaged it gently and then with such ferocity Lisa felt as if she was experiencing a dream.

“Come on, baby, squirt for me,” Simone said. “You can do it.”

Simone massaged harder and faster until Lisa released a primal howl and squired her cum into Simone’s mouth. Lisa leaned back, sweating and hornier than ever, gasping for breath.

“For fuck sake, I’ve never squirted like that in my life,” Lisa said.

“You just haven’t been with the right person,” Simone said, twisting Lisa’s large nipples.

“I am now,” Lisa said, watching as Simone’s lips sucked her right nipple and then her left and fingering her clit again.

“Got toys?” Simone asked.

“Upstairs in my bedroom,” Lisa said.

“Let’s go.”

Lisa led Simone upstairs and to her bedroom and into her unmade bed. She reached into the bedside table and pulled out a large pink dildo, anal beads, and handcuffs.

“You naughty girl,” Simone said.

“Have your way with me,” Lisa said.

“Oh, I am. Get on your stomach and put your hands out,” Simone said.

Lisa did as she was told and Simone snapped the handcuffs to Lisa’s wrists. Spreading her butt cheeks, she worked the anal beds into position before suddenly thrusting the pink dildo into Lisa’s still very wet pussy. Lisa moaned.

“I’m going to fuck you better than any man ever has,” Simone said.

She rammed the dildo repeatedly into Lisa and occasionally slapped her round ass. Hard. Lisa moaned as she humped the bed and clenched the dildo with her pussy and the beads with her asshole. She came repeatedly as Simone gave her the fuck of her life.

Breathless and exhausted, Lisa collapsed on the bed as Simone reached for the handcuff key on the table freeing her afternoon slave.

“Are you leaving?” Lisa asked, really hoping the answer was “no.”

“Ha, you aren’t getting rid of me that easily,” Simone said, lying down beside Lisa and kissing her. “It’s my time to cum. Eat my pussy and show me what you got.”

“I’ll happily take that challenge,” Lisa said as she slid between Simone’s legs. “I hope you can handle it,”

“I hope you can because I’ve got nothing to do but cum all afternoon,” Simone said. “Now, get to licking.”

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