The 10 Sexiest Sydney Bars

The 10 Sexiest Sydney Bars

You’ve surely heard it’s all about location, location, location? The perfect bar sets the perfect scene for the ultimate night ahead. It sets the mood; shows you know your way around town and gives the best first impression of a gentleman with style and good taste. Finding the best spot takes time, research and effort – especially for the man who knows what he wants. Luckily for you, we’ve searched the Sydney for the sexiest, coolest and trendiest bars where you can kick off the night just right. Whether you are trying to show off the sites of Sydney or looking for dark corners to do dark deeds we have you covered.

1. Opera Bar

You couldn’t pick a better location in Sydney – choose from Sydney’s finest on the curated wine list while taking in the breathtaking views of the Opera House. The backdrop of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge is the perfect scene to cheers to a new meeting, a new connection and endless possibilities.Share a dozen oysters paired with the best champagne – you’ll truly impress at this out-of-this-world location. Even with one of the most stunning backdrops, you’ll find it hard not to get lost in the view sitting right in front of you…

2. Zeta Bar

A hidden gem in the Hilton, Zeta Bar is the place to be seen. The sleek leather lounges and glistening candlelight makes it impossible not to get swept away in the romance of it all. With experienced mixologists creating innovative cocktails, you’ll look like a true gentleman of taste showing your beautiful escort a night she’ll never forget.

3. The Haus

Notoriously hard to get into, there’s a reason Sydney’s A-list are frequently spotted at The Haus. This beach-luxe venue fuses laid back sexiness with glamour, with you and your stunning escort blending seamlessly into the scene. Grab a glass of red wine and get lost in the ambiance with a beautiful woman on your arm. Only Sydney’s finest are spotted at The Haus, and of course, that’s you.

4. Blu Bar on 36

Situated in the very sexy Shangri-La hotel in Sydney, panoramic views of the harbour make this location one of the sexiest the city has to offer. With a world-class cocktail and wine list, this location offers a startling viewpoint of the glistening lights of Sydney and of course, the glistening eyes of your lovely escort. There’s no telling where the night could lead when it begins in such an amazing way.

5. Eau-de-vie

Nestled away in trendy Darlinghurst, Eau-de-Vie’s sleek leather couches, polished wood surfaces and vintage glass cabinets exude a certain brand of charm and sexiness that needs to be experienced. A secret bar for those in the know, this charming spot is for the gentlemen that thinks outside the box and wants to show a lovely lady a good time.

6. The Duke of Clarence

An extremely proper British drinking establishment, this location is for the classy, refined and polished gentleman. It will transfer you to a different time and place – the décor sets the scene for a night like no other. In the heart of the city, you’ll be the envy of every other suit that walks into the establishment with the most beautiful woman on your arm.

7. Love Tilly Devine

A sexy, quirky and cool bar in Darlinghurst, share an amazing bottle of red and get lost in conversation with a beautiful woman at your side. Get off the beaten track and turn one wine into many more at this hidden gem, where there is no telling where the night could lead. Drinks could turn into dinner, dinner could turn into a long night ahead – the relaxed vibe of this sexy bar takes away all nerves and leaves anything on the table.

8. The Baxter Inn

Hidden under the streets of the CBD is the kind of whisky collection that would make a strong man weak at the knees. But you’re not a weak man – you’re the man in the know that walks in with confidence and the most beautiful woman follows you in. The menu board starts at the ceiling and the three-column list eventually sneaks down under the counter and out of sight. You’ll feel like you’re out of sight nestled in a booth in this super cool spot.

9. Old Mate’s Place

This location has a lot to offer – feel like popping up to the rooftop and sharing a drink in the sun? A lushy planted oasis basking in Sydney’s skyline paints the perfect picture for a first date. Once you’ve taken in the view, pop downstairs for a cocktail, snuggle into the booths and enjoy the night where anything can happen.

10. The Bucket List

Tick this one off your bucket list – a drink with a gorgeous, sexy escort right next to the iconic Bondi Beach. The sound of the waves can still be heard over the crowd that all want to be seen at this trendy hotspot. Whether it’s in the day or night, the laidback vibe mixed with Sydney’s very cool elite surrounding you means the Bucket List always delivers. Share a bucket of prawns and a bottle of crisp white wine on ice and feel like you’ve had a mini getaway with a woman who makes the scene just right.

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