Open Door The ‘Girlfriend Experience’

The ‘Girlfriend Experience’

What is the ‘Girlfriend Experience’?

Good news! All Red Door Agency’s companions offer the ‘Girlfriend Experience’ (GFE) as part of our standard service.

This service is always intimate, sensual and passionate. They love to French kiss, cuddle, massage and enjoy long lasting foreplay before making love like you only could with a ‘girlfriend’.

Imagine the most beautiful girl that you desire suddenly becomes your girlfriend – she puts you completely at ease and enjoys the time you have together. It won’t be long before you are both sharing the fantasy and powerful orgasms together.

This woman is cultured and intelligent, but she can still laugh with you and enjoy an evening out on the town. Of course, followed by a sensual evening together with plenty of kissing, caressing and deep passionate sex. Just as if she were your girlfriend. The truth is that you would probably not be able to tell the difference – except for perhaps that this is the girlfriend you dream of having!

What can you expect from a GFE in Sydney?

A beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated woman who always looks immaculate. She has style, class and elegance and yet her sex appeal is mesmerising and makes you feel like you’re a young boy in love. She’s the girl with whom sex is romantic, passionate, sensual, intimate and mind blowing. Who makes you feel like you are on top of the world! Makes you laugh and brings out the best in you. That’s the GFE. The ultimate version of the old saying ‘a lady in public, a lioness in bed’.

Your GFE escort will be charming and witty – offering intelligent conversation when getting to know each other. She’ll flirt as anticipation is building, setting the mood for the night ahead. When the moment is right, she will take initiative towards creating a more erotic setting. She’ll leans towards you, French kiss, caress and cuddle – then slowly undresses you. She may decide to indulge in a shower for two or candlelight bubble bath followed by a sensual massage. She will tease you with long foreplay and then move into passionate lovemaking.

How long does the ‘Girlfriend Experience’ go for?

The simple answer is – it’s totally in your hands. There’s no need to rush. You can take as long as you like! Why not begin with a welcoming embrace and a passionate kiss? Relax for a while with a drink, perhaps? Enjoy an intelligent and informed conversation with your educated and articulate lady. Why not let your beautiful girlfriend snuggle up in your lap so you can stroke and smell her hair and gently kiss the back of her neck? You get the picture?

How a gentleman spends his time varies, and all is up to you. Let your fantasy lead you.

How much will the experience cost me?

It’s entirely up to you how much time you decide to spend with your ‘girlfriend’. Prices start around $550 an hour, so you can let your passions dictate the course and the tempo of your experience. Remember, the time you spend with your ‘girlfriend’ is of the highest quality and provides the best and most attentive service Red Door Agency has to offer.

How do I organise a ‘Girlfriend Experience’ in Sydney?

Simply call one of our expert receptionists for a discreet and confidential conversation. They will be more than capable of helping any request you have. Your happiness is our happiness and our pleasure.

Service includes:

  • Passionate  or / Deep French Kissing
  • Shower for Two 
  • Luxurious Bubble Bath
  • Sensual Erotic Massage
  • Caressing & Cuddling
  • Mutual Oral*
  • Sex in Multiple Positions*

*services offered are provided with protection

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