Tori and the Professor's Sensual Seminar

Tori and the Professor’s Sensual Seminar

Pools of honey coat the floor beneath her feet, dripping from his mouth as he speaks. She is suspended in her seat, feet helplessly glued to the ground. The hands of a conductor, fingers moving like the toes of dancers, instructive and hypnotic. She had always wondered what those hands could do to her.

It’s not often that you meet someone who changes you. Rarer, still, is to meet someone who changes you twice per week at 7AM, and every second Saturday night, but we’ll get to that. Professor Artur Krad was a phonetic vision, and an ocular song. Frida, Tori’s best girlfriend, used to waltz in late on purpose, in the shorts that made her ass pop and revealed the slight outline of her pussy, so that he would stop in his tracks, smile and say “Good evening” (his favourite quip for latecomers), while ushering her to the front row.

Frida commanded attention, not in a desperate way, but in an unapologetic, sexy way. Tori liked that about her. And that was how it went. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7AM, in lecture hall B47. Tori knew how hard Frida was for the Professor; so much so that she didn’t have the heart to tell her what those Saturday night “philosophy seminars” were really about.

Professor’s words weren’t the only things dripping like honey; Tori’s pussy had a habit of moistening up as she listened to him deliver his lectures. And when he said “Good evening,” as some other student walked in late, she couldn’t stop the recollections of that first Saturday night when he opened the door and said, “Good evening”, the tone of which was far more sultry than when he said it in class, and it sent shivers down her spine.

Suddenly, she felt self-conscious about her hardened nipples protruding through her shirt. What would the others think of her? Of course, there were no others…

He invited her in, and walked her down a corridor into a stunning home office, a large mahogany desk sitting in wait in the middle of the room. She wondered if that surface had ever met the ass of a woman, and dismissed the thought as quickly as it came.

“Where is everybody?” she asked. “Well, the seminar series has yet to begin. I suppose you could call this the preamble,” he said, and she could have sworn she saw a flicker of desire in his eye. She didn’t quite understand, until… “Perhaps I should explain, I’ve noticed the way you look at me, the way you blush…” He chuckled, “…like you are right now. I thought you’d like to share a drink with me in the stu-” but he didn’t finish, because her hand was already on the nape of his neck- tentative…

She had hesitated, but he wasted no time. In an instant, his hands grabbed her ass and pulled her in close to him, and she could feel his erect cock against her stomach, through his jeans. She moved even closer and stood on her tiptoes so that her stomach would rub against his throbbing cock, and to elevate her to his lips.

However, their lips only brushed one another’s before he turned her around and held her in place by the jaw, kissing her passionately from behind and grinding against her ass. She couldn’t tell what was turning her on more, his tongue in her mouth or the erection burrowing further and further between her cheeks with every thrust.

She pulled away and, for a moment, she thought she recognized an expression of doubt on his face. That changed when she began to kneel in front of him, staring seductively up into his eyes as she carefully unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. Her nipples got harder and her pussy wetter as she peeled back each layer of fabric between her and her rock hard object of desire, and when she saw it, shivers ran all the way up her legs to her tits, her arms, and her face.

She managed to muster “Good fucking god” before he pulled her head into his crotch and filled her mouth with cock. He fucked and she sucked, like she had never sucked before. She couldn’t get enough of him. She was almost swallowing him, which made her gag, but his moans implied that he liked it that way.

He reached down and slid his hands under her arms and practically lifted her off of his dick. He was strong, stronger than she would have expected. He put her down on the mahogany desk and ripped off her pants. He smiled a dangerous smile when he saw how wet her panties were and, like the animal he was, he mounted her. Never in her life had her vaginal cavity been filled by such a generously huge piece like the one Professor was carrying. She didn’t know what to do with herself, he was so big it almost hurt, but it also caused her to cum almost immediately.

She screamed with pleasure as her legs shook, and he kept on thrusting, and thrusting, and thrusting, so hard that his thighs will have bruised from the way they were knocking against the edge of the desk. She was in pure ecstasy, and with each thrust, she felt another orgasm building. His head rested against her shoulder as he thrusted and she realised that she was getting louder with each one, until the sound of her voice screaming “yes!” drowned out the knocking of the desk.

A bead of his sweat dripped down the groove between her breasts, and by the time it reached her belly button both of them were screaming in ecstasy. She felt him cum inside of her as he bit down on her shoulder, and she shuddered violently at the climax of her second orgasm.

As she snapped back to reality, Tori noticed that her pussy was drenched, and she was blushing. The Professor gave her a knowing glance from across the lecture hall.

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