Zara's Romp With A Reborn Virgin

Zara’s Romp With A Reborn Virgin

Tony stared at the divorce papers.

After twenty years, his wife – now ex-wife – was finished. She had run off with a younger man who owned a tattoo parlour. He chalked it up a mid-life crisis. She had always had a thing for Axl Rose, and he should have known when this guy tattooed her first Guns N’ Roses tattoo on her ankle that they would end up in bed. It was for the best, Tony kept telling himself.

Feeling low sucked he told his friend Matt in the pub.

“Zara will make you forget everything,” Matt said.

Tony looked at his friend. Zara? Who was Zara?

“Just call her,” Matt said.

Matt had never steered him wrong in the past with advice, and he decided to take the plunge. Tony had not fucked another woman other than his wife in 20 years. He was nervous, but his dick tingled with excitement.

When Tony called Red Door, he asked if Zara would be interested in something kinky. God knows his wife never was, but now she dressed like a dominatrix and drove a Harley. It was time for him to explore his sexual side. He had seen a book about having couples adventures together, and it was something he always wanted to try. Zara, he was told would be totally available to fulfil his fantasy and any other one he had.

Zara arrived at Tony’s house on a Saturday afternoon. He watched her through the blinds, strutting confidently in a mini dress overlaid with a long floral chiffon coat. She was stunningly gorgeous. He had never seen anyone more beautiful. He couldn’t wait to kiss her.

He opened the door even before she knocked.

“Hello,” he said, shyly.

“Hi,” Zara said, beaming a sparkling smile. “I’m Zara.”

“Tony,” he said standing there awkwardly.

“Shall I come in?” she asked.

“Oh, yes, yes,” Tony said feeling like an idiot. “Please do.”

She sashayed in and placed her bag on a table in the foyer. Tony studied her up and down, her curves capturing his eyes and imagination. He felt like he was sixteen again and was about to lose his virginity all over.

As Zara turned, he walked toward her and kissed her on the lips. Taking the hint, she embraced him and their tongues entwined. Tony felt his cock harden more and he was ready to fuck. But would she be ready?

Sensing his urgency, Zara slipped out of her coat and let it drop to the floor. Tony’s hands roamed up and down her curves and like magic, Zara was naked. Tony wasn’t sure how that happened as he looked at her perky tits and bald pussy. He wanted to do everything to her. Any and all things.

“Want to fuck?” she asked.

“Fuck yes,” he said as Zara unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock-hard dick.

“Oh yum, so hard, so big,” Zara said.

She knelt down and put his cock in her mouth. Tony felt the earth spin and he thought he might pass out. It had been years since he had a blow job. He thought he was going to cum immediately in her mouth. He wasn’t sure if he wanted her to keep sucking or get to fucking.

“Don’t stop,” he said, deciding on the blow job.

Zara deep-throated him and her tongue swirled around the tip of his cock.

“You taste good,” she said, looking up at him with doe eyes.

Thrusting her tongue around him, he felt himself on the brink of cumming fast and hard. God, he didn’t want to cum that quick but he let go, spewing his cum in her mouth. He watched as she swallowed and then smiled.

“I am sorry,” Tony said. “I didn’t mean to cum that quickly.”

“Don’t apologize. We have plenty more time to have more fun.”

She rubbed his head and walked over to the sofa. Sitting down, she spread her legs and Tony saw her pink, luscious wet pussy. Her clit was erect and plump and she looked tight. His heart raced.

“Hungry?” Zara asked.

Tony simply nodded. He pushed the coffee table out of the way and buried his face into her pussy. She tasted like jasmine and plums. Zara was pure ecstasy in the flesh. As if in a trance, he licked and kissed and sucked and teased her pussy for nearly an hour. Zara teased her nipples as she came repeatedly, squirting her juices in his face every time and Tony drank her like she was an expensive liqueur.

“I’m so horny,” Zara said.

“Still?” Tony asked, stunned.

“Oh yes, we still have to fuck, remember?”

Tony thought he had died and gone to heaven.

“Where’s the bedroom?” she asked.

“That way,” Tony said. “Should we go?”

“Of course,” Zara said. “I need a good fuck and you’re it.”

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