Zoe's Reunion Romp (Part I)

Zoe’s Reunion Romp (Part 1)

“I need to get out of this hell hole”, was the first thought on Zoe’s mind every morning she woke up in her dormroom bed at Frida Rhodes Highschool. Her dad had said it was character building, but she knew that he just wanted the alone time with his personal assistant.

She had spotted them one late afternoon, speaking in hushed voices in his office. Or, so she thought. When she went to investigate she found Veronica, his office slut, bent over the mahogany desk while he humped her from behind, with a desperate ferocity. He fucked her hard and fast. Veronica had met her eyes while it happened, and Zoe could have sworn she wore a dangerous smile on her face as she held her gaze.

None the less, the very next morning, her father had approached her with a pamphlet for Frida Rhodes, and that was that. Frida Rhodes Highschool was picturesque, the epitome of an all-girl boarding school for the daughters of too-busy multi-millionaires. They were all the same out there, with their daddy issues and endless allowances. It got old all to quickly. And now, here she was, 5 years later to watch her sister graduate, and nothing had changed. She needed a cigarette.

As Zoe smoked behind the music building, and soft piano music drifted through the air, she recalled Ms Sterling, her long term piano tutor, and the one person who made Frida Rhodes bearable. Zoe was devastated when she retired. There was a farewell ceremony in the school hall. That also happened to be the first time she saw him.

Mr Daniel Shivvers was like a greek painting of the perfect male form. Even his professional attire couldn’t hide the perfect outline of his muscled chest, and perfect bulge. His eyes were so blue that they pierced through her all the way from the stage. Ms Sterling announced him as her replacement, he stood up, and time stopped for her. 

Zoe thought about how she used to tremble when he touched her hand, and how he must have thought she was a terrible pianist because of it. And she resented him, because of how many pairs of panties she went through because of him. He made her wet with every tension-filled piano lesson, not to mention the wet dreams that woke her up all too often.

She would dream of him fucking her on the piano, and she’d always wake up just before they came, in a cold sweat. And the only way to fall back asleep would be to massage her pussy until the job was complete. If only he knew how often he had made her come in that time. 

“Mind if I join you, Zoe?”, his voice interrupted her thoughts. “Mr Shivvers!”, she exclaimed, almost too excitedly, “you’re still here?”.  “You say that like I should be somewhere else. How about this, you give me a cigarette and I’ll grab us a couple of beers I keep stashed away in my office.” Zoe was bright red, as she had only moments earlier been fanstasizing about his cock, the outline of which she could see quite clearly now through his tight beige chinos. “Oh Mr Shivvers, you’re bad. Deal.”

The two of them sat in a nook hidden from both staff and students, getting a little buzzed from the warm beer he had been keeping in his desk drawer. They caught up, laughed at old jokes, and after perhaps one sip too many, Zoe blurted out “You have no idea how badly I wanted to fuck you all those years.” And there was silence. She knew she had just made a fool of herself and her cheeks returned to a bright shade of red.

Instead of reacting, he simply said, “Come, let me show you something.” and he guided her back to the old piano room where he used to hold her lessons. It was exactly the same, everything from the ugly green paint of the walls to the aged wood of the piano stool where she sat so many afternoons as her pussy got progressively wetter. Weirdly, this room turned her on. She turned to tell him how she felt that nothing had changed, but before she could get the words out, his tongue was in her mouth, and they were locked in a passionate kiss. He had one hand on her ass and the other in her hair as their tongues danced. 

Mr Shivvers slammed Zoe against the wall and began kissing her down her neck, and then her chest. He unbuttoned her blouse as he went, and then her jeans. He ripped off the dampened panties she had on, until he was kneeling, with her pussy infront of his face. There was a hesitation as he awaited consent, “Fuck me, Mr Shiv–” and he dove into her pussy with his tongue before she was able to finish. 

He flicked his tongue quickly over her as he grabbed a handful of her ass, switching between flicking and lapping circles around her clit. His fingers played with her wetness before he slipped his thumb into her pussy. She moaned deeply as this man of her fantasies fucked her with his thumb and danced his tongue over her clit. She was gushing, and she knew that if he continued, she would come. “Fuck me deeper, I’m going to come!” She said breathlessly, and he fingered her harder and deeper, he wet pussy making squelching noises as he went.

He applied pressure to her clit and she began to convulse, and rock her hips against him as she held his head in place. “Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” she screamed involuntarily as she came, her legs shaking. He had to catch her as her legs went numb and she almost fell to the ground, unable to hold herself up anymore. The two of them sat on the ground of the piano room, Zoe sweating and panting with her legs wrapped around him.

The juices from her pussy staining his pant leg. And just then she noticed the rock hard outline of his perfect, erect cock, bulging from his chinos. She smiled a seductive smile, and began unbuckling his belt… (to be continued)

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