Zoe’s Reunion Romp (Part 2)

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… The hair on his arms stood up as her wrist brushed against his bulge. He wanted her, and she knew it. She pulled his trousers and underwear down slowly, revelling in the suspense of the moment. How many nights had she fingered herself, with Mr Shivvers’ cock in mind?

Now, she would take it into her mouth and show him all that he had been missing for all of those years. Her eyes widened as she slipped his pants down to reveal the erect member that she had dreamed of for so many years, and it was more glorious than she had ever imagined. She lightly cupped his balls while kissing him softly up the ridge of his hard dick.

Again, she felt the goosebumps come over the skin of his legs. She decided she would tease him, make him beg for it. Slowly she went, kissing, licking up to the head of his cock, which she took into her mouth for a moment, only to let it go again and begin kissing down the length of his ridge. Even when she thought he couldn’t get any harder, his cock stiffened and throbbed. He wanted her.

“Zoe…”, he said breathlessly, eyes closed. That sexy voice of his sounded so desperate now, and so she gave him exactly what he wanted, she took him into his mouth and sucked him all the way into her throat until she was on the verge of gagging, and then slowly pulled away again, she kept her pace slow and steady, massaging his head with her tongue with each thrust.

“Faster…”, he breathed, and she quickened her pace, jerking him off with one hand as she massaged him with her tongue and sucked his cock with increasing pressure. He grabbed her by the hair and began rocking his hips along with her motions. He was getting frisky. Harder, faster he thrusted. Until he was vigorously fucking her mouth, holding her head firmly in place as he penetrated her mouth, and she sucked. She was gagging, his cock entering her throat with each thrust. Involuntarily, she moaned, and this only got him more excited.

He was becoming rough, his grip on her hair tightened and he was fucking her hard. Her pussy was dripping by this point, and she was made wetter knowing how much pleasure he was deriving from her. Faster, faster, faster he fucked until…

“Ohhh!”, he shouted out as he came inside her mouth, the salty taste of cum filled her mouth and she looked up at him, almost buckled over with his eyes closed and his mouth open. He shuddered once, twice, three times, cum shooting out of him and into her each time. Then he opened his eyes and met hers. He looked almost apologetic, until she pulled her head away, and gave him a dirty smile as she took one big gulp, swallowing all of the cum he had deposited into her mouth.

She stood up and walked over to sink on the far end of the room to rinse her mouth. He came up behind her, holding her by the waist and, softly, he spoke into her ear. “How about a lesson, for old time’s sake?”

 The two of them made their way over to the piano and sat together on the bench. Zoe giggled at how ridiculous they both looked, sitting there naked from the waist down. When he noticed what she was giggling at, he laughed too. And she couldn’t help but shudder at the sound of it. This man was all kinds of sexy.

“Remember this old tune?”, he said as he started playing. She remembered it well, a harrowing piece played in minor. She remembered stifling tears the first time she heard him play it. His big, beautiful hands danced a tortured danced over the keys and he purposefully left out some notes so that she could play along with him. After playing for some time, began moving his hand over hers, raising the hair on her arms and encouraging her nipples to harden beneath her shirt.

 Closer and closer to her he moved, until the playing stopped. He turned towards her and kissed her deeply, his tongue finding his way into her mouth, and dancing with hers. He lifted her shirt and began fondling her breast, rubbing her nipples and turning her on all over again. Their kiss deepened, and their tongues massaged each other’s passionately. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders, and he pulled her in closer to him. His hand moved down from her breast to her pussy, and he was surprised at how wet she was. He played with her labia, preparing to finger her, when the school bell rang. He pulled away from their kiss and checked his watch. “Fuck”, he said, “I have a lesson in 10 minutes.”

 Zoe gathered her things and dressed herself with her head in the clouds, the afternoon had been surreal, to say the least. And as she left the school grounds, she reflected on her afternoon and thought about the weekend ahead. She smiled, knowing that this would not be the last time she saw Mr Shivvers.

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