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How To Enjoy That First Fuck After The COVID Lockdown Ends

Still in quarantine? Hopefully not for long.

During this strange time of isolation, you’ve probably been longing for a good fuck. That’s especially true if you are single and have been housed up alone for months. You can only jack off so much until, well, you just really need to fuck.

So what will that first fuck be like? Will you find a gorgeous woman and ravish her to no end? Or will it be wham, bam, thank you, ma’am? In, out and goodbye – onto the next hot, wet pussy.

Maybe you’ve been fantasising about someone. Maybe you connected with an old flame on social media and you plan to hook up as soon as it is reasonably safe. Maybe you’ve been scouring dating apps and started talking dirty to some hot babes you can’t want to fuck. Or have you been fantasising about one of our gorgeous escorts at Red Door?

The first fuck out of quarantine is going to be memorable because after all we are in historic times. It’s not every year – thank God – that a global pandemic affects every aspect of life on Planet Earth. So you want to make it special and you want to make it last. Although that might be hard considering how you might just explode the minute you slide your dick into a tight snatch.

Whether you hook up at your place, her flat, or a hotel room, you want to ramp up the sexting. Tell her what you plan to do to her as soon as soon you see her. Passionate kisses? Check. Burying your face in her tits? Check. Devouring her clit in your mouth? Check!

How To Enjoy That First Fuck After The COVID Lockdown Ends - Red Door Agency

Chances are the sexual tension has built over the last couple of months if you have been chatting with someone but have yet to actually meet. Maybe you have shared pictures of each other’s rude bits — dick and pussy pics. Maybe you’ve cum together already on the phone or an app. But that’s different than seeing each for the first time in the flesh. Those first few minutes that you see each other, clothes will fly off, you will kiss (maybe) and your hard dick will waste no time finding her glory hole. She will wrap her legs around your back as you thrust so deep into her that she loses all control and cums repeatedly, squirting her juices on your hard dick.

But you may decide to slow it down a bit. You decide to wine and dine her, taking her out for cocktails and dinner. Your hands touch, igniting a spark. You place your hand on her leg and inch up gradually until your fingers touch the lace of her panties. Do you dare slide your fingers toward her clit as the server brings you another cocktail? Oh, yes you do.

What if you haven’t met yet? What if she is a gorgeous woman from our agency that you want to have a few hours of fun? Don’t hold back.

Imagine your fantasy woman knocking on your door wearing a black slip dress with a lacy white kimono over it, tied perfectly to highlight voluptuous breasts with erect nipples begging to be sucked. She enters seductively, wearing black fuck-me heels and thigh high stockings that peak out from her short dress. You want to take it slow to savour every minute of this first fuck in a post-quarantine world.

She seduces you. She shimmies out of the lace kimono, and it falls to the floor. Your dick is rock hard and you want her. More than you have ever wanted anyone. You have craved a pussy. She lifts her dress over her head, and you see her fantastic breast. You walk over and cup them. She moans as your fingers pull her nipples. She unzips your pants and pulls out your cock. Dropping to her knees, she takes you in her mouth – a proper blow job that you have thought about for weeks from a woman – and swirls her tongue repeatedly before deep throating you. As she sucks you harder, you relent, cumming in her mouth as she swallows your cum just like in your wildest fantasies.

Yes, this could be your first sexual escapade after your quarantine. A mind-altering blow-job, a long afternoon of fucking, a hot one-off quickie. But coming out of the long weeks of isolation, it’s time to blow-off some sexual steam with a partner who wants to fuck as much as you do. The most important thing? Find that partner who likes, and desperately wants, to fuck for hours and is ready to have some frisky fun! You deserve it.

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