Frisky Friday: The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Frisky Forums: The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Ian was tired, bored, burnt out. After nearly seven years of marriage, the flame still flickered, but barely. Simone fucked Ian, but it was in, out, over. She no longer really wanted any pussy licking. And blow jobs? Forget about it. When they first connected, Simone was a sex goddess. She fucked Ian twice a…

Frisky Friday Forums - Olivia Perry of Red DOor Agency Wants A Quickie More Than A Beer

Frisky Forums: Forget The Beer, She’ll Take A Quickie

It had been a minute since Olivia Perry had popped into the old corner pub that she often passed on her way from Point A to Point B. The legendary watering hole had a reputation for never-changing, not glamourous, hip, or swanky, the kind of pub you stop in for a beer or two before…