Frisky Forums: Tiffany’s Rock Star Sexscapade

Tiffany's Rock Star Sexscapade Red Door Agency

Tiffany was ready for adventure.  Shimmying into a leather mini skirt and an old school INXS t-shirt, she slipped on thigh high red leather boots. Tiffany looked in the mirror, put on a bit more red lipstick and fluffed her long blond hair. Trouble – the fun kind – awaited. Catching a cab, Tiffany decided … Read more

A Very Special Fantasy Fulfilled

A Very Special Fantasy Fulfilled - Red Door Agency

The specifications were very clear.
Michael wanted a short, petite woman with long brown hair and large tits. Whatever her name was he would call her Carol. She was to fulfil his fantasy,that of the girl who got away from him in college. He had never had the nerve to ask her out, and although their paths crossed in adulthood, Carol, now a well-known poet, never gave Michael a second look. She liked tall, lanky rock star types, and he was far from that.

Frisky Forums: A Wake-Up Call That Keeps Cumming

A Wake-Up Call That Keeps Cumming

Paul rolled over and slid his hand between Melissa’s long legs. It had been a night filled with dining, flirting, dancing and fucking, and his morning dick was ready for some more of the latter. Melissa was ready, too, and she moaned happily as he rubbed her clit. He had given the swollen, hard rosebud … Read more

Frisky Forums: Fetishes Do Come True

Fetishes Do Come True

Roland took a long drag on his cigarette. He couldn’t wait for Amelia to show up. He had requested three things: huge tits, a golden shower and someone who understood his fetish. At 50, he had never has all of those in one woman. Looking in the mirror, Roland studied his tall, lanky frame dressed … Read more

Frisky Forums: Girl On Girl Action: Dreams Do Come True

Girl On Girl Action: Dreams Do Come True

Victoria wanted to give herself a gift. Call it self-care or self-preservation, but Victoria knew what she wanted. Although she had been married for six years to a fantastic man, Victoria was not satisfied. She needed pussy. Once at university, she had hooked up with a beautiful, older graduate student for a one-night stand. Ever … Read more

Frisky Forums: Dancing at her window, naked

Frisky Friday: Dancing at her window, naked Red Door Agency

My apartment faces directly across from the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I am not usually into voyeurism but this gorgeous woman actually takes my breath away. My erotic thoughts ran wild night after night when I started to imagine she could actually feel that I was watching her. To my surprise from … Read more